How Smart (Or Intelligent) Are Sharks?

smart shark, Intelligent shark, shark intelligence

Sharks have, for many decades, been considered to be rather unintelligent; built and designed solely for hunting. Over recent years, though, scientists have begun to invest more interest in the lives and behaviour of these fearsome fish. As a result, it has been noted that, not only do sharks display a measure of intelligence, but … Read more

What Are Cow Sharks (Or Hexanchiformes)?

Sevengill Cow Shark

Cow Sharks are a group of sharks also known as Hexanchiformes, which live in the deepest and coldest waters of the world’s oceans. As such, they are particularly difficult to track and research, so little is known about this specific group. The Frilled Shark was included within this group, but has now been moved as … Read more

What Are Bullhead Sharks (Hornsharks or Heterodontiformes)?

Bullhead Shark, Hornsharks, Heterodontiformes

A Bullhead Shark is a small shark with five pairs of gill slits, a stumpy snout, no nictitating membrane and a ridge above each eye (giving them the appearance of being surprised). Bullhead Sharks are also called Heterodontiformes or Hornsharks. Appearance Of Bullhead Sharks Bullhead sharks (or Heterodontiformes) are fairly small sharks, the largest of … Read more

How Sharks Can Hear Underwater

A Shark With Ears

The shark’s ability to hear and the extent to which this ability extends are difficult to gauge by external media and research. However, it is clear that they are able to hear, perhaps even quite acutely, as many sharks seem to use this sensory perception to track prey that can be miles away. Do Sharks … Read more

How Sharks Use Their 5 Different Fins

Shark Fin Visualisation

Shark fins have long been the cause of the death of many of these magnificent animals. They have been used for their medicinal and edible qualities (shark fin soup being a well-known delicacy, particularly in Asia), and many sharks have had their dorsal fins cut off while still alive, left to die a painful and … Read more