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Best Crappie Jigs – Buying And Fishing Guide

Best Crappie Jigs - Buying And Fishing Guide

Fishing is an enjoyable and soothing pastime that may be done alone or with friends and family.  The well-known crappies are the fickle species that often strike a bait with a specific pattern. Sometimes they like lures with a gradual wiggle, while other times they prefer rapid, compact flickering baits. That’s why we have enlisted the best crappie jigs that will effectively catch fish. 

What are Crappies?

Crappies belong to the family of Sunfish family- a genus of freshwater species. They consume a variety of foods, including crustaceans, insects, and zooplankton. In addition, they were seen feeding on the offspring of their predators and other small species of fish. Typically, they feed between dark and dawn, when it is easy to spot them as they enter shallow waters or move closer to the coast.

How to Fish Crappies?

Crappie hunting could be extremely time-consuming because it may be difficult to capture and incredibly irritating. They often hide themselves during the daytime and emerge only at night hours. The fishing of the crappies can be regulated seasonally. In the spring season, they spawn in the shallow water so it would be easy to throw the bait and catch them. In the summer times, crappies are quickly caught by hanging a tiny shiner with a light hook. The best time is to hunt them at night with artificial lights to attract them.

What are the Best Crappie Jigs?

Enlisted below are the most favored jigs among the anglers for catching the crappies:

1: Eagle Claw Crappie Jig

It is the most effective and simple jig to be used to fish the crappie, usually of 1/32- and 1/16-ounce size. The jig is made up of a metal shaft head, a feather tail for gentle motion in the water and a body comprises of threads that vibrate at just the right pitch to attract fish.

2: Strike King Mini King

The Strike King Mini is a tiny spinner bait of only 1/8 of an ounce with an excellent motion that, when pulled gently, performs well for crappie. These are often regarded as the best crappie bait among fishermen.

3: Strike King Mr. Crappie Jig Head

This jig head is made of soft plastic to attract crappie. There are eight jig heads in this set altogether. There are several distinct hues available, including one that is bare and has a metallic hue.

4: Sougayilang Jig

These jigs are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater and match the temper of the fish. The jigs are strong and long-lasting, and the top hook is pointy and effective for catching fish. The jig seems to have the ability to collapse if it is not fastened correctly, which is one of the main disadvantages. Thus, utilize the item as instructed.

5: Berkley Power Jig

The popular Berkley Power jig consists of a minnow with its taste mix and smell, developed over more than 20 years to attract fish. It also provides an angler to modify the reel and hook according to the target. Moreover, the ideal 2-inch size of the jig suits the crappies as well as the other freshwater species.

How To Buy A Best Crappie Jig?

Here is a list of a few things to take into account when you pick the best crappie bait for fishing:

  • Color:  The color and the pattern of the jig is highly considered because the natural coloration of the bait is best to trick the fish. Use dark-colored baits while fishing at night to merge with the surrounding.
  • Size:  Usually the baits for crappie are of almost similar size. Only differs by a few centimeters.
  • Packages Size:  A package consists of different size baits including 3 to 12 pieces.

Final Words

Eagle Claw Crappie Jig, Strike King Mini King, Strike King Mr. Crappie Jig Head, Sougayilang Jig, and Berkley Power Jig are the most popular types of baits that are used to catch the crappies. Catching crappie is not an easy task to be performed, it can be difficult and frequently calls for a lot of patience. They may be very picky, so you have to offer them something unique to lure them. But by following our guide and choosing any of our suggestions, you’ll considerably increase your chances of catching a couple of crappie fish.

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