How Long Can you Keep Fish Frozen in a Freezer?

How Long Can you Keep Fish Frozen in a Freezer

Freezing is a common food preservation method and a traditional way to store the food to be cooked or prepared later. This is done to avoid the food from smelling bad or becoming waste. Normally, fish can stay for a long time in a freezer. But, it largely depends on the amount of fat the fish has. The less the fat of the fish, the more it will be able to stay in the freezer for long. 

Moreover, the timespan of the fish to stay good in a freezer also depends on the freezing methods i.e. whether it is the plastic sheet wrapped up on the fish or the freezer paper or something else. Let’s discuss all the methods one by one and then discuss the timespan of the fish according to the freezing method. 

Raw Fish Maximum Timespan in a Freezer

A fish that is not yet cooked and is raw can be stored or freezed in a freezer for more than four months. The taste may not remain the same after four months but it will not be wasted.

Cooked Fish Maximum Timespan in a Freezer

A cooked fish for instance fish pies or fish stews can also be kept in the freezer for later utilization. Cooked fish has the same lifespan in the freezer as that of the raw fish i.e. four months.

Methods to Keep Fish in a Freezer 

Fish can be kept in a freezer in different possible ways for instance, using a plastic wrap to cover the fish, wrapping the fish up using a freezer paper, using vacuum seal and glazing the fish.

Glazing a fish means to dunk the fish into cold water and set it on a freezer pan to let it freezed inside the freezer. This method involves freezing different layers of the fish one after the other until there is a one fourth inch glaze around the fish. However, due to more air reaching the fish, the moisture level decreases making the taste of the fish not so delicious. So, an alternative in this regard is using a vacuum seal can also be proved better.

It is also recommended to simply wrap the fish up using a plastic sheet or a freezer paper to keep the fish frozen well as well as moisturized.

The Bottom-Line

The average timespan of either a raw or a cooked fish in a freezer is almost four months. The fish do not all the time become wasted after four months as in some cases it can be kept for more than four months, all it depends on the freezing or preservation methods. The fish can be kept in a freezer using plastic wrapping sheet, freezing papers, vacuum sheets or through glazing the fish. 

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