How Many People Die From A Shark Attack Every Year?

They are the terror and the ultimate carnivores of the ocean: The Sharks! No doubt, sharks have terrifying personalities and many people are extremely terrified of them despite having never come in contact with them. The predators are pretty deadly to the ocean creatures, they actually do not kill as many people as you would think about them but if you provoke them they will definitely make you for supper in a snap, if they want to! It’s time to drool into the details of how many people die due to shark attacks!

In a year, How Many People die from the Attack of Sharks?

In a year, there are almost 50 to 70  cases reported about shark attacks on humans, on an average, 6 to 8 humans are killed every year by shark’s attack which means that the odds of getting bitten by a shark are 1 in 3748,067 – very low by many standards.

The past 3 years have marked an abrupt decline in sharks killing humans but their attack has increased more than the reported cases in 80”s. The number has been increasing over the past years not because the sharks are aggressive, but because the number of humans has increased to visit the coastal waters!

Sharks are aggressive creatures but it’s not the same in all cases. Sometimes they attack out of curiosity or sometimes it may be due to human activities. Let’s uncover the secret of various ways of their attack!

How do sharks attack humans?

Generally , there are two forms of attack – provoked and unprovoked . Did you know what these terms mean? No? Let us tell you!

Provoked attack

Sharks attack when provoked by humans outside or inside their natural environment such as in aquariums by hooking, touching, netting which aggravates the aggressive nature of sharks. So if you are splashing water and having fun in the shark’s home, they may approach you to see what all the fuss is about!

Unprovoked attack

The unprovoked attack of the sharks occurs in their natural habitat on a human without the provocation of humans, the shark initiated this attack first. Sharks attack people because they confuse humans with something else either their prey or enemies.

Warning: If you ever encounter sharks in the water, don’t poke them at all!

According to recent data, the global statistics of shark bites reported all over the world has been shared below:

The ISAF sharks attack report 2021

ISAF focuses on all human and shark interactions all over the world. According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), there were 73 unprovoked shark attacks on humans and 73 provoked attacks reported in 2021, there were 11 sharks reported to attack humans, out of which 9 were assigned as unprovoked. There were 57 cases reported all over the world in 2020, 64 cases in 2019 and about 66 cases in 2018. Globally the recent five years sank to 80 incidents annually.

Did you know which species of sharks attacked humans the most? No? Let’s uncover these mysterious creatures of the oceanic world!

Which species of sharks attack humans the most?

Well, only a few species of sharks are known to attack humans, out of 400 species of sharks only three are notorious to have fatal attacks on humans even being unprovoked. These beasts are the Great White Shark, Bull Shark and Tiger Shark, as they are giant and sturdy creatures of the ocean, they are reported to attack or kill the divers. However, modern day research has depicted that oceanic white tip sharks also came into limelight by attacking humans without being provoked.

Some other species such as hammerhead shark, grey reef shark, Galapagos shark, shortfin mako shark, silky shark, blacktip shark, lemon shark and blue whales are also in the top list to attack and kill humans. These sharks’ also very powerful and strong predators of the ocean, they are considered less dangerous to humans and can attack only when provoked at the wrong place and wrong time!

Bottom line

In the last few years on an average about 6 to 8 people were killed and became prey for sharks but there are 50 to 70 cases of shark attacks that have been reported as well. Sharks are not the hazardous creatures of the ocean except for a few species of sharks that attack people mostly out of anger or when they are provoked!

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