How Many Sharks Are Killed A Year?

Sharks have always been pictured as the most deadly creature on the Earth after dinosaurs, they are also titled as the bloodthirsty beast of the ocean. But that’s not fair at all! In the battle between sharks and humans, the number is not even close! What if we tell you that sharks are not that much harmful to humans as humans are! Yes, the reality is different from the one we have imagined till today!

The award for the killer of the year goes to humans! A vast number of sharks have been slaughtered by humans every hour, every month or a year. Globally, the species of sharks have been declining on a rapid rate due to man activities such as overfishing for the meat, oil and most specifically for their fins.

Well, when it comes to the number of sharks to be killed every year it is enormous. Let’s move on to find out how shocking the number of killed sharks is!

How many sharks are killed a year?

The number of sharks killed every year by human actions will definitely blow your mind! According to recent data, about 100 millions of sharks are killed every year! Shocked! Yes that’s true – 100 millions of sharks all over the world. If this number of shark’s species has been converted into the number of species killed per hour – on an average, 111,416 species are slayed! Another dreadful information! In the last 50 years, it has been estimated that 70% of the population of sharks has decreased and is expected to be reduced more in the coming year.

Every year millions of sharks are killed – why?

100 million sharks – a year! It is not a small number to be ignored. But when you compare it with the data on how many humans have been killed by shark attacks is negligible – hardly 10 to 12 a year! We have shortlisted some of the reasons behind encountering the sharks! Let’s see what the reasons are for the deaths of so many species of sharks.

1: Finning of sharks

All over the world, the shark’s fins soup is gaining popularity day by day!

Finning is the procedure of removing the fins of sharks to make delicious soups. The finning process of sharks allow fishermen to increase their trade and profit because the fins of sharks are valued more rather than the whole body.

Did you know what happens to sharks after being finned? You will feel bad for them after knowing the cruelty level of humans! After removing the fins of the sharks, they are thrown alive back into the ocean where they are not able to live peacefully, they are not capable of swimming due to suffocation and extreme blood loss.

2: Fishing of sharks

Overfishing is another leading cause for the decline in the population of many species of sharks. Sharks are captured by specifically designed nets that are used to slaughter and kill uncountable sharks. Sharks have been targeted for many years not only for fin but also for the meat and the oil of their liver. Moreover the skin of the sharks are rough and sturdy and they are used to make leather jackets resulting in more hunting of sharks.

3: Consumption of sharks by human

Sharks have been slaughtered for the purpose of fins, meat and oil. Fin soup is a popular dish in China and is served to honor the guests as they believe the fins possess high medicinal properties and is a symbol of victory against the powerful monsters of the ocean.

Moreover, the oil of the shark’s liver is less dense than water which provides buoyancy to them while swimming, but how humans can ignore liver oil – they believe that the oil is rich source of mineral and can be used to make different product but in reality it has nothing to do with the stuff without which the survival of humans is impossible. So it’s totally unnecessary to kill the beautiful creatures of the ocean without any reason.

What is the impact of deaths of large numbers of sharks?

Definitely it creates a negative impact on the ocean ecosystem, due to the killing of so many sharks every year causing the disturbance in the ecosystem. Sharks maintain balance in the ecosystem by eating weak and sick fishes; the decline in the number of these predatory animals’ results in the instability in the marine as well as freshwater ecosystem. However, in many countries this practice is completely banned thus protecting them from being endangered or extinct completely.

Final words

Per year 100 millions of sharks are killed by humans for the meat, fins and oils. The killing of sharks is increasing day by day resulting in the decline in their population thus disturbing the food web and ecosystem. Efforts should be made to protect these fascinating creatures by reducing finning and overfishing. Don’t kill the sharks if you ever get a chance to bump into them – just let them live their life according to them without any fear of swimming freely in the ocean – just like you live your life happily!

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