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Killer Whale Vs Sharks

Sharks and Killer whales are the top hunters in the oceanic world. Both these species play a distinct role in keeping the ecosystem in equilibrium by feeding on weak and sick fish. Interestingly, both these enormous creatures are the biggest rivals because Killer whales are the predators of sharks. Despite sharing a common habitat, the two species differ greatly. In this article, we are comparing two giant creatures that are incredibly different from each other. Let’s explore more about Killer whales Vs Sharks.

Killer Whale Vs Sharks

Killer whales and sharks have many similarities but they do differ as well. Some of their distinct features are listed below:

ParametersKiller WhalesSharks
ClassificationBelongs to a group of Dolphins familyBelongs to a group of Cartilaginous fishes
HabitatWidely distributed in the Artic and Tropical regionsDistributed in all the aquatic and marine waters of the world
Body ShapeRoughly cylindrical but pointed from both endsFusiform body with pointed ends
ColorationMostly blackish from the upper side and whitish underneathMostly greyish but varies from species to species.
Teeth40 to 56 teeth that are 3 inches long300 to 3,000 arranged in 50 rows
Length19 to 22 feet or 5.8 to 6.7 metersSmallest sharks: 6.3 to7.4 inches Largest sharks: 18 meters or 60 feet
Weight12, 000 pounds or 6 tonnes1,500 to 5,000 pounds
Bite ForceMore than 19, 000 psi18, 000 N or 4,000 psi
Diet (Meal Per Day)500 pounds0.5 to 3% of total body weight
SpeedMaximum 56 km/h or 34.8 mph31 mph with a burst of 46 mph
Reproductive ModePolygamous (mate with several partners)Oviparous, viviparous, ovoviviparous
Off SpringsGive birth to one offspring at one time1 to 300 pups in a single breeding season
Life Span50 t0 100 years20 to 30 years on an average.
PredatorsNo natural predatorKiller Whales
Conservational StatusData deficientThreatened, endangered or extinct


Both killer whales and sharks are the apex hunter of the oceanic world, they live in the same habitat but do avoid each other because Killer Whales are more powerful than the sharks. Starting from their general classification to their distribution, appearance, diet, reproductive mode, and survival strategies, these species differ from each other in all aspects. Now by learning about Killer Whales and Sharks, you will differentiate the two in one sight.

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