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Shark Attacks In Florida

Shark Attacks In Florida

Shark attacks have been increasing at an alarming rate in the state of Florida. This is because the researchers believe that most shark attack is due to the increase in oceanic activities such as swimming, kayaking, and surfing. That’s why the experts advise people to avoid areas where sharks frequently roam.

Shark Attacks In Florida

According to the International Shark Attack File, the interaction between humans and sharks has been increasing at a very high rate. The recent data depicted that there are in total of 108 cases have been reported in 2022, out of which 57 were unprovoked and 32 were provoked bites respectively.

Why Florida is Reported to Have a High Number Of Sharks Bites?

The reason behind this is that Florida is home to many sharks. The warm water and abundant availability of food attract sharks the most. However, people enjoy oceanic activities which may disturb the living habitat of sharks. Some of these attacks are the results of provoking or sometime these bites may have unprovoked reasons. 

Which Species of Sharks are Found Living in the Floridian Waters?

The following species of sharks have been sighted in the Floridian waters:

  • Great White Shark
  • Bull Shark
  • Tiger Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Nurse Shark
  • Lemon Shark
  • Reef Shark
  • Whale Shark

Shark Attacks Reported in Florida

According to recent data, the shark attack has been reported in:

  • Loggerhead Key Island – a 6 feet Lemon shark attacks a 42-year-old woman.
  • Cocoa Beach – an 18-year-old boy has been attacked by a shark on his foot.
  • New Smyrna Beach – a 21-year-old male survives the attack of the Blacktip shark.
  • Lake Worth Pier – while fishing a 50-year-old man got attacked by a shark on his knee.
  • Redington Shores – a Bull shark attacks an elderly woman.
  • Gulf Of Mexico – a 17-year-old girl was attacked by a Bull shark on her leg.
  • Florida Keys – while swimming, a 35-year-old lady was badly injured by a shark bite on her leg.

What Should One Do To Avoid Sharks Attack?

There are a few things that should be considered can reduce the shark’s attack to the maximum, these are:

  • Stay near the shoreline so that you can easily hear alerts.
  • Prefer to swim in groups rather than going alone.
  • Stay away from aquatic creatures such as fishes or eels which are the favorite food of sharks.
  • Avoid dark and muddy waters where it is difficult for you to detect sharks’ movement.
  • Listen to the warnings of lifeguards.
  • Pay attention to the flags or signs – a purple flag indicates that sharks are present in the vicinity.

Final Verdict

In Florida, the attacks by sharks have been increasing day by day. This is because of the increase in oceanic activities by humans such as swimming or surfing. The recent data explains that a total of 108 attack cases of sharks have been reported in the last year. However, a few basic steps will greatly decrease the attack of sharks.

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