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Sharks of the World (Princeton Field Guides) (Paperback)
~ Leonard Compagno (Author), Marc Dando (Author), Sarah Fowler (Author)

Editorial Reviews
“The book grabbed me, … So I sat down and read it”. — Virginia Cowell, Diver Magazine

The amazing diversity of these magnificent yet maligned animals is wonderfully represented here.
(Christine Adkins Discovery )

The reader learns about shark biology (body structure, teeth and jaws, senses, life history, etc) and the interactions between sharks and people, both good and bad. This is a very nice, handy-sized guide for those interested in sharks and their conservation.
(Robert E. Hoopes Wildlife Activist )

This is a reference anyone in any age group or level of knowledge could use easily. You don’t need to be a shark fan for Sharks of the World to be a useful addition to your library: this is one book I’d recommend to any diver or naturalist any day.
(Virginia Cowell Diver Magazine )
This is one book I’d recommend to any diver or naturalist any day.
(Virginia Cowell Diver Magazine )

This is a very nice, handy-sized guide for those interested in sharks and their conservation.
(Robert E. Hoopes Wildlife Activist ) –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

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The Shark Handbook: The Essential Guide for Understanding the Sharks of the World (Paperback)
~ Dr. Greg Skomal (Author), Nick Caloyianis (Photographer)

Editorial Reviews
Product Description

Greg Skomal is one of the world:©’s leading shark experts: many thousands of viewers know him as the :?’shark Guy::? on Discovery Channel and he:©’s affiliated with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. So if you::©re dreaming of swimming with sharks, there:©’s no one better to take you:©”and that:©’s exactly what he does in this comprehensive, stunning field guide. In addition to an awesome gatefold poster of a Great White (with all its distinguishing features shown in detail), plus amazing original images from Skomal and award-winning National Geographic photographer Nick Caloyianis, it contains a complete listing of every known shark in existence as well as some extinct species. Learn about sharks from their birth to death, their anatomy, how to distinguish one shark from the next, how their teeth are developed, how they hunt and attack, and their importance and purpose within our eco system.

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Great White: The Majesty of Sharks (Hardcover)
~ Chris Fallows (Author)

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
For most people, sharks and fear go hand in hand. Renowned photographer and conservationist Chris Fallows maintains a more nuanced relationship with the superpredator. Gasp-inducing in their immediacy and surprise, Fallows’s brilliant photographs present these mighty creatures in a different light. Great White the first publication to collect Fallows’s work reveals the sublime beauty of sharks and provides a rare glimpse into the largely unseen world of great whites, hammerheads, and other breeds. Fallows captures these fearsome creatures both above water, as they intersect with humanity, and below, in their mysterious underwater domain. A one-of-a-kind portrait of the shark and a superlative study of the nature photographer’s art, this book is bound to turn heads and elicit a deep appreciation for the creatures that inhabit our oceans.
About the Author
Chris Fallows is famous for his photographs capturing South Africa’s great white sharks as they breach out of the water. His work has been seen on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, BBC, CNN, and 60 Minutes. Fallows and his wife, Monique, are active shark conservationists and recognized authorities on great white shark behavior. He resides in South Africa.

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The Encyclopedia of Sharks (Paperback)
~ Steve Parker (Author)

Editorial Reviews
From Library Journal
This reference, which provides comprehensive information on sharks and their relatives, should help readers gain a much better appreciation of this special group of ancient fishes, probably the most maligned group of animals in our popular culture. The text consists of two-page articles, each covering a different aspect of sharks, including evolution, taxonomy, behavior, geographical ranges, reproduction, physiology, and the shark’s place in mythology. Enhanced by many photographs, sidebars, and charts, these short articles are to read and enjoy;the writing style is aimed at high school and nonscientist adults. A good index and excellent glossary round out the book, which lacks only a bibliography. Recommended for high school, college, and public libraries, especially those without strong marine biology collections.AMargaret A. Rioux, MBL/WHOI Lib., Woods Hole, MA
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.
From Booklist
The perennially popular sharks provide ample material for many books, and this new effort is a good introduction to the biology of these predatory fishes. Sharks, the terrifying cold-blooded killing machines of myth and legend, fascinate because of their mystery when coming out of the depths and seizing their prey. Improving the shark’s image by being realistic and sensible about them is one of the stated goals of this work, and the authors have succeeded admirably. In seven chapters, divided into short sections, they discuss the evolution of sharks, their senses, internal organs, behavior, foods and feeding, and reproduction. Well illustrated with photographs, color drawings, maps, and diagrams, the text is basic yet informative in discussing sharks as a group. A list of aquariums with captive shark displays and areas where interested readers can dive with sharks follows the main body of the text. The lack of a bibliography is a weakness, but overall this will be a good start for readers interested in sharks. Nancy Bent –This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

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“Aquariana”, the ocean, comes into the dreams of 12 year old Saphira, taking her on journeys to show her what we are doing to destroy her and her children. Saphira must make her way thru a maze of dreams to save the sharks and King Dakos, then find her way back to reality to save herself.

Authored by Ms Penny M Dabestani:?
From an idea by Parissa J Dabestani:?

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KIDS Everything Sharks

Satisfy the shark-fact feeding frenzy! These torpedo-shaped swimmers are an obsession for many kids. In Everything Sharks, exciting photographs depict great whites, hammerheads, and more. Scientists tell hair-raising tales about encounters. With its awesome facts and action-packed images, this book brings kids close to the mysterious lives of sharks.

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