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What Are Baby Sharks Called?

Baby shark doo doo doo doo! The rhyme has taken over the world and portrayed sharks as a friendly and innocent being. For millions of years, sharks have been enchanting humans with their reputation and power, but before they become a mature top hunter of the oceanic world, how much do we know about their early lives. This is much more about baby sharks that need to be explored rather than just listening to this addictive tune! Let’s find out about the childhood of these mysterious creatures!

What is the proper name for baby sharks?

Pups! Yes, the small beasts of the ocean are called pups, just like the babies of dogs are called pups. Many baby sharks are born as mammals but only few arrive on the Earth via eggs. The number and the mode of reproduction by which baby sharks are born is completely based on the type of sharks.

How are baby sharks born?

Baby sharks are born by different methods: firstly, after the development of the embryo is completed, the mother sharks lay eggs in the outer environment and after the completion of gestation period, the eggs hatched. Secondly, when the development of the embryo and gestation period are completed inside the mother’s body, they give birth to their young ones.

How many baby sharks are born in one reproductive period?

The number of baby sharks born depends upon by which method they are born, “if they are born by egg laying process then they will be few in number as most of them will die due to the environmental conditions. Furthermore, if the pups grow inside the mothers body, although they are few in number but have more chances of survival.

What is the size of newborn pups?

Well, it’s quite challenging to determine the exact size because the size of the pups varies from species to species such as the size of the babies of black-tip reef sharks is very small, about 20 inches in length. In contrast, the length of the pups of great white sharks is nearly 4 feet in length.

Do baby sharks grow quickly?

In their 20’s baby sharks become fully matured but again this phenomenon is based on the type of shark species. Some sharks have very fast growth period while others grow at a slow rate, the lemon shark can live for a short period of time but they cannot reproduce until they are 13 to 15 years old whereas sharp-nose shark have the fastest growth rate among the all the species of sharks, probably 3 years after birth, they become fully matured.

Do baby sharks stay with their mother after birth?

No! They do not! As the sharks are active swimmers, they live and hunt on their own, however, once the baby sharks arrive in the oceanic world, their parent sharks disowned them and are left freely to live and search for the food with no mother to protect them.

Do baby sharks have teeth?

Yes! They have! Sharks are capable of living an independent life from a very young age and have many rows of teeth to tear up their prey.Interestingly, baby sharks are born with a complete set of teeth, sharks have to spend most of their time in the ocean water, and they have to protect themselves from the enemies or to locate their prey for feeding purposes. Thus, their strong jaws and sharp razor-like teeth with pointed edges play a key role in this regard. Usually, baby sharks have 2 to 3 rows of teeth but as they grow older, the number of rows exceeds from 5 to 15 on an average.

Bottom line

Sharks are the splendid creatures of the marine and aquatic ecosystem, sharks give birth to a number of pups during the reproductive period. Baby sharks have to live independent lives after birth, so their teeth take care of their needs and protect them from predators. Hope you gather enough information about the baby sharks, their pet name and how they spend their childhood!

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