What Is A Group Of Sharks Called?

Have you ever wondered – which term is used to refer the gathering of sharks? Any guesses? No? Here is a clue: it is the response of your body when you feel chilly? Yes, you are right. Shiver! One of our favourite collective nouns to name the group of sharks – Shiver! It refers to what actually happens when you stumble across a group of sharks while swimming – of course seeing sharks around you makes you “shiver”.

Although most of the species of sharks are solitary creatures, you have often seen them hunting, jumping or travelling in a crowd, what would you call this grouping of sharks! That’s the hot topic of discussion in this article.. Well, shiver is not the only collective noun used for a group of sharks, there are other terms that can also be used. Let’s drive along the group of sharks to know more about them!

Group of sharks, guess what they are called?

Like a crowd of cats are called clowder, a group of rattle-snakes are called rhumba, a group of giraffes are called towers, a paddle for a group of platypus – what term is used to refer to the troops of sharks?  Don’t get confused! Let us tell you!

The most common collective noun used to represent a group of sharks is “Shiver”, but this is not the only conventional name to refer to them. Other names like frenzy, school and herd can also be used. Usually 9 to 10 sharks together make a shiver or school of sharks. Let’s jump into it to know more, why they have so many names!

1: Shiver of sharks

  • S for sharks!
  • S for shiver!

Just imagine, while swimming in the ocean you got stuck between many sharks from all sides, what would you do? Hold on! Before any response, your body will start shivering either with the fear of death or with the fear of being caught by them!

The fear of sharks makes you shiver so badly that you might catch fever or make your body out of control. The powerful association between sharks and shivers is the reason behind this name to represent the group of sharks. Sharks are cold blooded animals, that would be another reason to signify a group of sharks as shivers.

2: Schools of sharks

The group of sharks is also represented by a term school because it belongs to the same school of thought – that’s why you called their gathering as a “school of sharks”! What if you got admitted to the school of sharks?  isn;t sounds funny – going to school with sharks!

In your school, there are students of various ages but in the case of sharks the scenario is quite unique, only big sharks are likely to group together in a school like dolphins or whales – all are age fellows! However, this term needs more research because it is used for other fishes as well.

3: Frenzy of sharks

Sounds like quite a complex type of grouping! You will definitely love this term as it suggests the habit of shark’s feeding with fury!  Yummmmmmm!

This term specifies a group of sharks that are always hungry, they eat up everything that comes in their water even if they are full, and sometimes they can eat their fellow sharks as well. Some studies have depicted that the group of sharks are sensitive towards blood smell and dine on an injured prey rather than healthy one. They attack the prey as the craziest predator and if the fellow shark approaches the prey, they act like a frenzy at the same time.

4: Herd of sharks

Herd of sharks! Look, the herd of sharks are coming towards you! Sounds strange! As sharks are large creatures like hoofed mammals that’s why their group is also called by herd also. Although the term is used for mammals mostly, you can refer to it for a group of sharks as well.

These are all the terms commonly used to represent a group of sharks. There are some uncommon collective nouns used for sharks also. Let’s explore what those mysterious words are!

Uncommon collective noun for sharks

Some studies show that following are the suggestion of collective nouns that you may also use to represent a group of sharks.

1: Gam of sharks

The collective noun “Gam of sharks” is a popular term used to represent a group of whales specifically but you can also use it for sharks as both belong to marine families.

2: The grind of sharks

The group of sharks are also entitled by a term “grind” because it is related to the capability of sharks to tear up its prey into small pieces like the size of a grain.

3: Collage of sharks

The term sounds like an imaginative term which indicates the strength of sharks that you can’t even imagine when they are together, the strength is more like a blessing to them.

4: Shoals of sharks

Shoal is one of the oldest terms used to represent a crowd of fishes of every size and every type. So you can use shoal to refer to the collection of sharks without reluctance.

5: Pod of sharks

Don’t confuse it with a pod of plants! It is a well-known term used to refer to a large number of mammals but it can also be used to represent large creatures of the ocean like whales and dolphins.

Final words

There are so many collective nouns either common or uncommon that are used to represent the groups of sharks. A shiver is the most common term among all others whereas school is generally used to refer to the gathering of sharks. That’s all about what the group of sharks are called? Now it’s up to you which term would you like the most to call a large assembly of sharks!

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