What is Bioluminescent Water? 6 Best Places to Spot glowing water

The trip to the underwater world is nothing short of surprising, full of amusement, thrill, and adventure. Among all the other things to make you go, wow, there is something unbelieve kind of thing that you experience is the glow in the dark—a light coming out of nowhere, not the sun, not the torch, but something unusual. A term called bioluminescent water. Don’t know what it is all about? Let’s take a brief.

What Is Bioluminescent Water?

We are all familiar with the firefly, right, that glows in the dark, but it is on the ground. There are sea creatures that glow the same way in the depths of the ocean. Bioluminescent creatures, normally plankton, are found in seas and rivers all around the world, allowing them to glow blue when moving. It is not only the plankton that can be bioluminescent but sharks as well, for instance, the dwarf lantern shark.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that the oceans are home to an abundance of bioluminescent creatures that will remain a mesmerizing sight for many years to come. There are millions of tiny bioluminescent organisms that form bioluminescent water. Each one emits bioluminescence, turning the ocean into a sparkling blue neon glow.

There is a higher chance of facing this occurrence if you know where to look. No worries, below down is the list of places you can experience this venture all with your eyes.

6 Best Places to Spot Glowing Water

The phenomenon of bioluminescent water occurs in all oceans in some form or another, but to see it, you need to head to the right spot. Check out the details below and see which point is the nearest to you.

1: Titusville and Merritt Island, Florida, US

Florida is renowned for its bioluminescent waters, and this is one of the most accessible bioluminescent waters in the world. Not sure where to go? Drive your way to Titusville or Merritt Island, and you will not regret it at all. A cherished experience; there is no better way to enjoy it than on a Florida kayaking tour.

2: Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to the world’s brightest glowing plankton. If you kayak, every paddle will stir the fireflies, causing the water to turn electric neon-blue, almost like a distinctive effect. A number of tour operators offer different bioluminescent package tours in Mosquito Bay, with phosphorescent waves the main attraction. Bioluminescence can be seen at Mosquito Bay all year long, but it is best to view it during the new moon.

3: Vaadhoo and Mudhdhoo Islands, Maldives

There is no better natural light show than that of the Maldives from July through December. Watch as the moon rises and stars fill the clear night sky, one of the most prominent natural marvels in the world. It’s always more enjoyable to watch a show in pleasant weather, with an enticing atmosphere and a luxurious ambiance.

4: Toyama Bay, Japan

Blue magic enthusiasts from around the world flock to Japan’s Toyama Bay every year to admire its reflection of the Milky Way in water. It is a dreamlike experience for photographers and tourists to see the aluminizing shores of Toyama at midnight between March and May.

5: Halong Bay, Vietnam

An ethereal world of grace and beauty rises from emerald waters beneath giant limestone mountains. You will never forget the show you will see as you cruise through the stunning bay. The movement will disturb the waters enough for a bioluminescent display to be triggered. Halong Bay exhibits bioluminescence all year long, but it is best seen when the moon is low.

6: Jervis Bay, Australia

Less than a three-hour drive from Sydney, in Australia, Jervis Bay is one of the many beaches where glowing plankton can be spotted. A cloudy night at one of the local campgrounds is the perfect opportunity to catch water wonders.

Other places to experience bioluminescent water

If the above spots are too far from your place, don’t worry, we have got a few more popular places where you can get a chance to see for yourself the hypnotic oceanic waves glowing in the dark. Check out the names and see where you can head to.

  • Sam Mun Tsai Beach, Hong Kong
  • New Zealand (Auckland)
  • Thailand (Krabi and Railay Bay)
  • Manasquan, New Jersey
  • Mission Bay, San Diego
  • Koh Rong Island Cambodia
  • Mexico (Puerto Escondido)


Film and photography can capture this incredible phenomenon but seeing it first-hand is awe-inspiring. Almost as if there was some optical illusion going on with the glowing waves. From Australia, and the Maldives, to all the way to Florida, there are several wonderful spots where you get to see the wonders of nature – the bioluminescent water.

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