What Is The Most Dangerous Shark In The World To Humans?

Over the years, sharks have been considered responsible for attacking humans brutally. As we all know that there are more than 500 species of sharks living under the water but only a dozen of them fall under the category of aggressive species. Although a vast majority of sharks live peacefully with humans only a few of them are known to cause harm and severe injuries to several people visiting the shoreline or diving deep in the ocean. This article reveals the deadly species of shark in the world to humans. Keep on reading. 

What Is The Most Dangerous Shark In The World To Humans?

The Great White shark.

Commonly named the White shark or Death shark is known to be the most dangerous and deadliest creature of the ocean. According to an estimate, there are more than 100 attacks of Great White sharks are recorded every year, out of which 52 were considered fatal.

Why Do Great White Sharks Attack Humans?

The top predatory animal of the ocean do not attack humans intentionally, this is because of mistaken identification, out of curiosity and poor vision – they are not capable of distinguishing between humans and prey. Moreover, the sharks spend most of their time near the shoreline (a highly crowded area) where there are high chances of a shark attack on humans.

Why Are The Great White Sharks Considered Dangerous To Humans?

The Great White shark is the deadliest species because of its extremely powerful bite force. The shark according to an estimate has a maximum bite of 18,216 Nektons, which is enough to kill a human in just one shot. Furthermore, according to the data collected in 2021, there are 314 attacks by White sharks on humans have been reported 74 are considered fatal and resulted in the death of a person. Thus the species of sharks are thought to be the easy but the most deadly and dangerous species of shark over the globe.

While Swimming, How To Avoid The Attack Of Great White Shark?

Following are the precautionary parameters that one should follow if one suddenly encounters the Great White Shark while swimming:

  • Stay calm, If you encounter the Death shark while swimming.
  • Do not break eye contact with the shark.
  • Do not play dead when a shark approaches you.
  • Avoid splashing water, as it could attract the attention of sharks.
  • If the shark attacks you hit them on the nose, eyes, or snout to make them unconscious for a while.
  • Try to come out of the water as soon as possible.

What Other Sharks Are Considered Dangerous To Humans?

Other than white sharks, there are few other species of sharks that are considered the deadliest. Some of them are listed below:

1:  Bull sharks: The recent data collected in 2021, suggested that there are 121 attacks of Bull sharks reported every year, out of which 25 cases lead to the death of a person.  

2:  Tiger Shark:  Over the globe, about 129 cases had been reported in 2021, out of which 34 resulted in the death of the victim.

3:  Nurse Shark: In 2021, 52 cases of sharks attack on humans had been reported out of which 9 people died due to severe injuries.

4:  Blue Shark: There are 13 cases of sharks attack on humans that have been documented, out of which only 4 were considered fatal.

5:  Hammerhead Shark: According to an estimate, every year 17 cases of sharks attack have been reported but none of them have been recorded as fatal ones.


The top predator of the ocean has gained a reputation as one of the most terrifying creatures living under the water. Among the 500 species, the Great White sharks have been documented as the most deadliest and dangerous creature to humans. According to recent data, there are 314 attacks of sharks have been documented, out of which 74 people died due to severe injuries. Though humans are not included in their menu they might attack them because of poor vision, mistaken identity, or out of curiosity. So whenever you go to a beach, avoid going near the shoreline because you might get attacked by the Great White shark.

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