Where and when can I catch a Saw Shark in Animal Crossing New Horizons

After the release of Animal Kingdom on 20th March 2020, it became immensely popular. Players are thrilled to catch fish and do numerous other actions in the game. However, fishing remains the favorite activity for players to engage in.

After all, fishing is the most profitable activity in the game. There are many different fish that you can spot in Animal Kingdom around different times of the year and at different locations. A saw shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be caught during certain times and places, as we discuss in this article.

The players who prefer to play on the island in the northern hemisphere have higher chances of finding some big fish. There are certain times that different fish show up on the island, which you can then catch and add to your collection. One of the most predictable fish, however, is the saw shark. It can be caught in diverse localities in the game and at different times. Players are excited to catch the saw shark whenever they see them, so let’s find out where and when you can catch one when you spot it.

How to Spot a Saw Shark in Animal Crossing?

Saw sharks do not appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons all throughout the year. There are set times and locations for different sharks that can spark up your fish collection. This makes the saw shark highly rare and sought after. Whenever you think of a shark, the first image that pops up in your head is a fin coming out of the water, and Animal Kingdom uses this identifier as well to benefit the players.

There are many fish of different sizes and shapes in Animal Kingdom, but only a few have a visible shadow with fins that show clearly. A saw shark is no different. As mentioned above that, they have clear shadows with visible fins, which makes it easier for players to spot the saw shark. The players should run along the beaches of the island until they spot a fish that resembles the description above.

You might not be able to catch a saw shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons because other kinds of sharks also have similar shapes and forms. However, other kinds of sharks can also be valuable and can add great value to your fish collection. Even if you don’t find some fish that can add good value to your collection, you can sell them for a good amount of bells which will ultimately help you throughout the game.

How do I find Saw Sharks in Animal Crossing?

Saw sharks, just like other kinds of sharks, have a proper time and location that they appear on. Generally, the prime time for catching a saw shark extends to around four months. The best time to catch a saw shark is between 4 p.m. and 9 a.m. between June and September. This time is for the players who have set their location in the northern hemisphere.

For southern hemisphere players, the time for the appearance of saw sharks is December to March. The time for the appearance of saw sharks in the southern hemisphere is also 4 pm-9 am.

To catch the saw shark, you will need to use your fish bait. The fish bait can be crafted by using the squirting Manila Clams. The squirting Manila Clams can be dug up from the beach with the help of your shovel. When you have fish bait, it makes it easier to spawn the rare fish quicker. Each Manila Clam can be converted into a single helping of fish, which you can then drop in the water and wait for the shadow of the saw shark to appear.

How valuable is the Saw Shark in Animal Crossing?

Saw sharks are one of the most valuable fish. You can sell all fish to Timmy and Tommy for fairly large prices. When you sell the Saw Shark to Timmy and Tommy, you can get 12,000 Bells in its place, which is a great price, just second to the Great White Shark, which will give you 15,000 Bells. Timmy and Tommy are in Nook’s cranny, so the shops are fairly easy to find.

If you want to sell the saw shark for even higher prices, C.J. buys it for 18,000 bells. But he does not show up to buy the saw shark very often. C.J. pays a lot for rare sharks to be found, so if you find one or two saw sharks, it is good to have once in backup to sell it to C.J. when he shows up. In this way, you can make a profit by selling your saw shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fan favorite for the large number of fish you can catch in it. The selling and trading of fish also make the game yet more fascinating. Players urge to find the best of the best fish to make their collection precious and even sell them for great rewards and turnouts. The saw shark is one of the rare fish you can catch and then sell for a good price. By reading this article, we hope that you understand when and where you can catch a saw shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and how much you can sell it for.

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