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Yearly Worldwide Sharks Attack Summary 2022

Yearly Worldwide Sharks Attack Summary 2022

Sharks are often portrayed as man-eating monsters in popular culture, the reality is that shark attacks on humans are relatively rare. However, incidents do occur, and it’s important to understand the facts and figures behind these attacks in order to educate people on how to stay safe in the water.

In this article, we will provide a yearly worldwide shark attack summary for 2022.

Yearly Worldwide Sharks Attack Summary 2022

Different types of sharks have attacked at different locations in 2022:

1. Number of Attacks

In 2022, there were a total of 80 reported shark attacks worldwide. It is depicted as a slight increase from the previous year’s attacks, which saw 74 reported incidents. However, it’s important to note that these numbers can vary from year to year and should not be used to indicate a trend.

2. Location of Attacks

The majority of shark attacks in 2022 occurred in the United States, with 32 incidents reported. Florida alone accounted for 16 of these attacks, followed by North Carolina with 5 and Hawaii with 4. Other countries with a high number of shark attacks include Australia (12 attacks), South Africa (8 attacks), and Brazil (5 attacks). These locations are known for having a higher population of sharks and also for having more beachgoers in the water, which increases the likelihood of an encounter.

3. Type of Sharks

The most commonly involved shark species in attacks in 2022 were the bull shark and the great white shark. The bull shark was responsible for 15 attacks, while the great white shark was responsible for 14. Other shark species involved in attacks included the tiger shark, responsible for 8 attacks, and the blacktip shark, responsible for 7 attacks.

4. Victims

The majority of shark attack victims in 2022 were male, accounting for 60 of the 80 reported incidents. The majority of victims were also engaged in recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, or snorkeling at the time of the attack.

5. Outcome

Out of the 80 reported shark attacks, 32 resulted in injury and 48 resulted in no injury. Thankfully, there were no fatalities reported in 2022.

The Bottom Line

Shark attacks on humans are relatively rare, and 2022 saw a total of 80 reported incidents worldwide. The highest number of these attacks occurred and were recorded in the United States, with Florida having the highest number of incidents. The most commonly involved species in shark attacks were the bull shark and the great white shark and the majority of victims were male. Next time you decide to take your ocean journey, do keep these figures in mind to avoid being eaten by sharks.

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