A Shark or a Dolphin? Who would win in a fight

Who would win in a fight

Sharks and dolphins are two well-known creatures of the ocean. One is feared while the other one is loved by people. So, when it comes to the questions what if they both come face to face? Who would win a fight, a shark or a dolphin? Let’s take a deep look at both creatures to find out who would win this fight.

Shark Vs Dolphins

1. Size

Sharks are massive, lethal beasts. Sharks can weigh over 1,000 pounds and grow to be 21 feet long. The great white shark is known to be one of the largest predatory sharks, which can weigh up to 5,000 lbs.

Dolphins can weigh up to 600 pounds and grow to be 13 feet long. Pilot whales, which can weigh up to 5,000 pounds (excluding killer whales), are the largest dolphin species. On the other hand, a massive great white shark weighs more than a bottlenose dolphin.

2. Bite Force

Sharks and dolphins both employ the best use of their teeth; to attack prey. Sharks have a powerful bite. In fact, they have one of the strongest measured bites, with a bite pressure of 4,000 PSI or more. Their teeth can reach 6 inches in length, and they have 300 flesh-tearing teeth in total.

Dolphins have more than 250 sharp teeth that they utilize to rip flesh from their victim, however, their biting power is quite modest in comparison to other prey.

3. Speed

Dolphins must move swiftly to get their food, and in the appropriate conditions, they can reach burst speeds of 20mph. Sharks are also extremely fast-moving fish. They go at speeds ranging from 20 to 35 miles per hour. They move their tail and body in an undulating, side-to-side motion. Sharks can outrun dolphins at full speed.

Who Would Win In A Fight – A Shark Or A Dolphin?

A shark would defeat a dolphin in a fight. They are faster, quite larger, and more prey-oriented than others. Furthermore, their lips are large enough to capture and bite a dolphin and kill it. Dolphins, while intelligent, lack the physical capabilities to repel a shark assault and cannot cause enough damage to kill a shark on their own.

Do Sharks Fear Dolphins?

Sharks like to stay away from dolphins. Dolphins are intelligent creatures that live in pods and are well-equipped and trained on how to defend themselves. Whenever they spot an aggressive shark, without waiting, they attack it with their entire pod.

Do Dolphins Eat Sharks?

The majority of dolphin species eat a range of fish and other small aquatic animals. It may include octopus, squid, and other crustaceans. The false killer whale is the only dolphin known to hunt and devour sharks.

The Bottom Line

The shark will win the fight against a dolphin because of its huge size, strong bite force, and high speed at which they move. Sharks have many advantages over dolphins in terms of physical characteristics. However, sharks avoid dolphins as sometimes a school of dolphins might attack sharks out of anger.

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