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shark quotes

These shark quotes encapsulate our love and passion of the glorious king of the oceans! Sharks are incredibly interesting and are related to some of the oldest species ever to roam the planet. Dip your toes in this list of funny shark quotes, relatable sayings and curious facts. The shark is a beautiful creature and … Read more

Mako Shark Teeth & More Facts | Sharks Info

Mako Shark Teeth

Mako Shark teeth have interior teeth that are wide, flat and lacking of lateral cusps. This enables them to feed on larger prey such as smaller sharks, dolphins and swordfish. This article dives deeper into the life of a Mako Shark, including their habitat, distribution, ecology and conservation. Mako Shark Description There are two types … Read more

The Anatomy Of A Shark

shark anatomy

The anatomy of sharks is a key factor for their success as predators, influencing their hunting and living habits. Generally, sharks are cylindrical in shape with tapered edges. This streamlined structure allows these carnivorous hunters to cut through the water in pursuit of their prey. Size Most sharks average a length of about 5.8 to … Read more

Ovoviviparous (Shark) Reproduction


Most sharks reproduce ovoviviparous. Eggs are hatched inside the mother and are born live. Ovoviviparous young are fed by egg yolk until they hatch. Once hatched, the the mother gives birth to her offspring. What Does Ovoviviparous Mean? Ovoviviparous reproduction means that after fertilisation, eggs are formed and hatched inside the mother before live young … Read more

What Does Oviparious Mean (In Sharks)?


Oviparious reproduction happens when an animal reproduces with fertilized eggs. The eggs are fertilized inside the body of the female an laid before the start of embryonic development has started. What Are Oviparious Animals? Oviparious animals lay their eggs before any embryonic development has started. The most well known Oviparious animal is a chicken. The … Read more

How Do Sharks Osmoregulate?

Osmoregulation sharks

Sharks maintain osmotic balance with seawater. The blood of the shark is usually isotonic to its watery home. This means that there is an equal concentration of solutes within their body as there are in the ocean in which they live. Osmoconformers And Osmoregulators Sharks are known as osmoconformers because they maintain osmotic balance with … Read more

What Is A Carpet Shark?

Carpet Shark

Carpet Sharks are also called Orectolobiformes. This order of shark consists of extremely diverse sharks, made up of individual species of many shapes, sizes, habitats, diets and remarkable physical characteristics. In general, carpet sharks are identified by their two dorsal fins and a very short, transverse mouth. Below each eye is a spiracle, the size … Read more