How Sharp Are Shark Teeth?

how sharp are shark teeth

There are numerous species of Sharks found in all oceans of the world. They are dangerous oceanic predators. The Sharks are carnivores meaning they feed on other marine animals such as Sea lions and other small fish. So, what allows them to grab and eat these larger preys? Their teeth. Sharks are the ocean beasts with razor-sharp teeth. In the animal kingdom, these species have one of the strongest and sharpest teeth with the most powerful bite.

In this guide, we will discuss the following outline:

How Sharp Are Shark Teeth?

The teeth of Sharks are razor-sharp and can cut anything like a knife. They have unique shapes of teeth from triangular shape to deeply notched and pointed teeth, a sign of a hunter. Their unique and distinctive teeth allow them to thrive in their environment. As they are carnivores, they need powerful jaws and sharp teeth to attack and kill their prey. 

The sharp teeth of the Sharks make their mouth an effective weapon. The teeth of Sharks are sharp but not strong. They can easily fall out and be replaced by new ones. The average shark loses one tooth each week and 30,000 teeth in their life; when they lose their tooth the new teeth move forward from the previous row. The new tooth forms in the rear within 24 hours.

Do All Sharks Have The Same Sharp Teeth?

No, some Sharks have large scary teeth while others have only filters. The shape and size of the teeth depend on the diet and the lifestyle of the species. The Basking Shark and Whale Shark do not have normal teeth like other Sharks. These species are filter feeders, they use filters instead of chewing the food. The biggest fish in the world, the Whale Shark has a tiny 3000 non-functional teeth that they use to gather and filter the small plankton to eat. Read about the sharks with non-functional or no teeth at all in this guide.

In the below-written table, we have listed the different types of teeth of a Shark:

Shape of TeethDescriptionExample Specie
Needle-like TeethLong pointed and sharp teeth with smooth edges. They are best for grabbing slippery food like fish and SquidBull Shark
Dense flattened TeethThe dense flattened teeth are used for grinding and crushing the hard shell of marine animals like crabs and lobsters.Nurse Shark
Non-Functional TeethThey do not perform any action; only provide grip while mating or filtering the zooplanktonsWhale Shark
Pointed lower with triangular-shaped upper teethHorrible type of teeth with pointed edges. They tear up large fishes and mammals.Great White Shark

The variety of shark tooth types and functions demonstrates that not all sharks are fearsome predators. However, the pointer lower with triangular-shaped teeth is the combination of teeth that allow the sharks to cut the prey into smaller pieces for swallowing.

What Makes the Tooth of the Sharks So Dangerous?

The teeth of the Sharks are unique among the vertebrates; they lack true bones and have teeth embedded in the skin. They have sharp teeth and using these teeth, they can easily catch and cut the flesh of their prey into pieces. The reason for this sharpness is hidden in the anatomy of their teeth. The following are the reasons for the sharp teeth of the sharks:

  • The teeth of the Sharks have serrated edges that act as a knife. They can cut bones and other hard materials easily within seconds.
  • Their teeth are made up of calcium phosphate, a tougher material than bones. They are coated with enamel which makes their teeth five times stronger than human teeth.
  • They have a never-ending supply of teeth. The Sharks constantly replace their lost or broken teeth with fresh and new ones. The reason is that the teeth of Sharks are not attached to the strong jawbone like humans. Instead, they are attached to soft connective tissues.
  • They do not have tooth decay as they have high fluoride levels which prevent tooth decay.

Are Shark Teeth Made up of Bone?

No, the teeth of the Sharks are not composed of bone; in fact, they do not have any bones in their bodies. Their teeth are composed of minerals called dentin, which is harder and more durable than bones. These teeth are then covered with Enamel which is sharper and tougher. The Enamel is made up of fluoridated phosphate.

Which Shark has the Sharpest Teeth?

The Tiger Shark and the Silky Shark have the sharpest teeth and using these teeth they can tear and puncture the tough-bodied prey. They can easily grab and eat their prey including turtles or dolphins. The Tiger Sharks are one of the Shark species with the most teeth. The other Sharks with the sharpest teeth are listed in the below table:

Specie Type
Great WhiteTriangular, serrated
Goblin SharkLong, forceps like
BullBlut heavily serrated
MakoKnife like
Oceanic WhitetipNeedle shape lower teeth

How Efficient Were Shark Teeth as a Tool or Weapon?

The teeth of Sharks are scary, but they are useful for humans. The shark’s teeth are very efficient to collect and trade. People used to collect the teeth of the Sharks and used them as spearheads or weapons thousands of years ago. 

They have commonly been used to cut food or to carve wood. Many people like to make jewelry such as necklaces from the fossilized teeth of Sharks. The extinct Megalodon teeth are the most sharp and valuable; they are 7 inches long and weigh over a pound. Ancient humans once used these teeth as a weapon or to hunt their food.


The Sharks have knife-sharp teeth that enable them to grab, tear, or crush their prey. Among other features, their teeth are highly important for their survival. These teeth are in different sizes and shapes and sizes depending on the habitat and diet of the Sharks. Not all Sharks have sharp teeth, some are filter feeders, and they have small teeth for filtering the zooplanktons. The teeth are arranged in rows when one is lost or damaged, it is immediately replaced by another from the previous row. This means the Sharks always have a fresh set of razors to attack their prey.

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