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Sharks have long been seen as scary and dangerous creatures. These creatures are at the apex of the marine food chain, which makes them even scarier. However, there is still something so fascinating about sharks. This fascination has inspired many video games and movies. Users love to play video games with sharks since it gives them the real-time thrill of being in the presence of a shark.

Since jumping into the ocean to get a good look at sharks is definitely not a good idea, the best bet users have is either playing a good video game containing sharks or watching a good movie about sharks. This is the reason many shark video games and movies have been doing well for many years.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 shark games that you will surely love to play. Let’s get right to it!


Maneater is one of the best shark action-role playing games out there. In maneater, the player gains control of a bull shark. The bull shark must live in a chaotic sea environment to survive and evolve. The bull shark must do so in order to avenge her mother who was killed by a fisherman.

After the shark kills the fisherman, she comes face-to-face with a mysterious radioactive monster that is bent on causing chaos around Port Clovis.

Maneater is a third-person perspective game. You have to control the shark who must take her revenge on Scaly Pete, who killed her mother. The shark has many basic attacks that you can inflict on other sea creatures and humans to help her survive in the harsh marine environment. You can knock people off jet skis, destroy yachts, and drown ships.

Maneater is not a light-genre shark video game, and it can be considered a dark game with violence and revenge in it, which makes it perfect.

Jaws Unleashed

Jaws Unleashed, as you may have guessed from the title, is inspired by the 1975 film Jaws. The game has open sea gameplay. You assume control of a huge great white shark. The great white shark roams freely throughout the ocean, eating marine animals and humans. The shark destroys everything that comes in its path.

Jaws Unleashed was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. It follows the events thirty years after the first Jaws film. You control the shark when it is being hunted by a marine biologist for research, and a shark hunter wants to kill the shark. The shark has a wide number of abilities it can use to clear its path and stay safe in the video game.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is another one of the top shark games that players love. It is an interactive game based in the Pacific Ocean. The main idea of the story is that after a plane crash, one of the survivors finds himself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Now, of course, there would be life-threatening conditions in the Pacific Ocean.

The player adapts to the life of the shelter that he makes. The job of the player is to live in such conditions by using resources from nearby areas. The player must learn to handle these resources in a way that they do not replenish early. Basically, the player has to survive in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and that is what makes it fun.

Shark World

Shark World by Tap Pocket is a little different from all the other shark games. It is like a management software game that you use to make different types of sea creatures in order to make them fight automatic turn-based battles. The player must manage an ecosystem in which these small creatures can live. These creatures will then be brought into battle to determine which one is the strongest.

The player can level up the sharks by using standard mobile game currencies. Upgraded sharks are more likely to be stronger than other sharks. As you move up the level, more and more types of species get unlocked, which you can then prepare for battle. Shark World is not the usual shark action game, but it is still one of the most widely played shark games.


Depth remains to be one of the best shark games out there. It is also quite dissimilar from most shark games out there. The main idea of the game is shooting in underwater environments. It is a shooting game where the player controls a character and fights in the ocean in first-person. One good thing about Depth is that you can play as a shark as well as a human. Divers come into the water to collect treasure, and sharks have to kill and eat those divers.

The game is ended either when the shark destroys the submersible treasure or when the divers are successful in extracting the submersible treasure to an extraction point from which they can take it out of the water. Depth is an extremely tense, fun, and frantic experience. Players have to react fast to win in this fast-paced game.


The fascination with sharks has inspired many video games, and more and more games are being released. Nevertheless, there are still some shark games that still rank high. In this article, we looked at the top 5 shark games that you can play to have an epic action-filled experience.

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