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What are 15 Facts about Sharks

There are many fascinating creatures in the ocean world, but sharks have dominated for centuries and will likely continue to do so for a long time to come. Not only this but there are many different characteristics and features that make sharks unique and amazing creatures.

Are you aware that over 500 different species have been found and that more are being discovered as time passes? Among all, you can see here the 15 worldwide popular types of sharks.

A lot more interesting information can be found and the more you get to know about sharks, the more it adds curiosity. No doubt, seeing sharks live itself is a mesmerizing and adventurous experience for one, and knowing the facts sets one’s heart on.

The habitat, sleeping behavior, diet, and how they reproduce, each and everything leave you open-mouthed, let alone the facts that we are going to discuss below.

So, are you ready to explore startling facts about sharks? If yes, let’s get into it.

15 facts about sharks

When writing about sharks, there is so much to say; you could write for hours. From their body to how they swim and breathe, each activity they are involved in gives you a new reason to explore more. But, let’s not get too far and see below what are the 15 facts about sharks.

1. No bones

Yes, you have read it right. Sharks do not have any bones, but the skeleton is made up of cartilage. This actually benefits the sharks in a number of ways. Check out the article why sharks have no bones, and you will know about it all.

2. Sharks are not blind

Sharks are often perceived as deaf or blind, but none of it is true. Not only do they have excellent eyesight, but their smell senses also do wonders when it comes to locating prey. You need to read this if you are also a believer that sharks are dead or blind. With that said, sharks do have color blindness, but that does not affect them much when it comes to living in their habitat.

3. Ampullae of Lorenzini

Confused about what it is? These are some special cells that give sharks the ability to detect electricity. Isn’t it amazing? In addition to that, it helps detect electromagnetic fields as well as temperature shifts in the ocean. Do read about if sharks have a 6th sense?

4. Scaly skin

Although many people believe sharks have smooth skin, the skin on their bodies is rough. A major advantage of sharks having denticles on their skin is that they do not have to deal so much with friction as they swim.

5. Tonic immobility

A state of inactivity, just like hypnosis, occurs in sharks when they are upturned. You may have seen scientists experimenting while sharks are put in an inverted position because they can’t move in this condition. For more info, go through the article; what happens to a shark when it is upside down?

6. Sharks were here even before trees

Yes, it’s true. While the first tree was said to be found 350 million years ago, the shark’s existence goes back to 420 million years. This clearly indicates sharks were present on the planet way before the trees. If you are still in doubt, do read the details here.

7. Sharks were here even before dinosaurs

You again read it right. The dinosaurs were reported to come into being around 230 million years ago, and they do not exist anymore. In contrast, sharks have been here for around 420 million years. For details on this, click here.

8. Sharks have predators

Sharks, for a very long time, were considered the apex predators; while it’s true to some extent, the real apex predators are the Orcas, and they can overpower sharks quite easily. So, yes, sharks do have predators, and there might be some more; check out here. 

9. Sharks are scared of dolphins

Being a top predator, we often think sharks are the true rulers of the oceans, but in what seems to be unbelievable, sharks are frightened of dolphins. You would surely want to know the reasons, right? Check them out here.

10. Sharks as a pet

While sharks are considered too dangerous to humans, there are a few species that are so living and kind in nature that you can keep them as pets. Thanks to their small size too, but you have sharks with large size as well that can be owned. Want to know the species that you can keep as pets, you know where to click.

11. Jumping out of water

You may have often seen dolphins leaping out of the water, but do you know the fact that sharks do that as well. However, it’s not true for all species. Only a handful of shark species are able to do that. Have a doubt? Read the details here.

12. Sharks lay eggs as well as give live births 

The diversity you see in shark species is remarkable. While there are sharks that lay eggs, there are quite many that give birth to live young.

13. Sharks will eat anything  

Species like the tiger shark will eat anything they find easily. They are not picky about what they eat. Check out the five things sharks eat.

14. Sharks’ biggest threat is humans

Though sharks have predators, they are not as threatened by them as they are from humans. People use sharks for several reasons, including for meat, fins, and oil. Shark finning and overfishing have led to thousands of sharks being killed in a year.

15. Sharks can sleep

Is it believed that some of the shark species need to be constantly on the move in order to breathe, and due to that, they don’t sleep? The part of this is true means that there are shark species that can’t stop swimming, and if they do, they will die, but that doesn’t stop them from sleeping.

They do sleep but in a dissimilar manner. A portion of their brain rests while the other part allows them to keep swimming. For more details on how this is carried out, do check out the blog on how do Sharks sleep if they can’t stop swimming?


There is a long list of facts when it comes to sharks, but the above article mentions the 15 facts that are not only surprising to know but will prove to be valuable information. Feel free to share any shark facts you know, or read other shark articles on the website to get a better understanding of sharks.

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