What is the Scariest Shark

People seem apprehensive about exploring the underwater world, and it’s even worse with the scariest sharks swimming around all the time. Not to mention, sharks have been inhabiting the world’s oceans for centuries and even existed long before the dinosaurs. Further, when one hears the word shark, it conjures up images of gigantic creatures with razor-sharp teeth that can swallow a human in one bite.

With that said, it’s true that there are over 500 species of sharks in the waters, and not all of them are as scary as portrayed, nor all are rated as dangerous to humans. Similarly, not all shark species are large, but there are many several species that grow up to only a few inches long. There exist sharks as small as they can fit in your hands.

Likewise, all sharks don’t have long, sharp teeth, but it differs with individual species. In the same way, there are shark species that take on plankton as their main food source and does not likely to attack humans at all.

The same applies to their behavior towards humans. Shark species such as the great white and the tiger sharks are considered a threat, whereas the leopard shark or the whale shark are rated as friendly to humans. So, it all goes down to the particular species.

This brings us to find out in actuality what is the scariest shark and what can trigger shark fear in humans.

What is the Scariest Shark Species?

Not one, but there can be a number of species that you can refer to as the scariest. Not only from the size aspect, but their appearance, the mouth size in particular, and their behavior influence if a shark species is the scariest or not.

Let’s discover the scariest shark species, those which look intimidating, dangerous, and terrifying.

Great white sharks

The great white shark takes the top spot when it comes to listing down the scariest sharks, also appearing on the list of most dangerous species. When fully grown, the Great White Shark can reach a length of 20 feet and weigh as much as 5,000 pounds. With this, you can say that the Great White Shark embodies the definition of power.

It is the great white that is responsible for the most shark attacks, according to shark attack statistics. However, it’s important to note that most shark attacks occur due to human provocation.

Regardless of its scariest look and nature, the species faces a threat and has been declared critically endangered by IUCN.

The Great White Shark, despite its terrifying appearance, must be respected rather than feared.

Tiger sharks

The name itself gives people a sense of fear, and rightly said, it is among the scariest sharks you will encounter. Nevertheless, the tiger sharks get their name from stripes pattern on the skin that resembles that of a tiger. Read out more about what do tiger shark looks like?

They can grow to 14 feet in length and hunt prey as large as dolphins and smaller sharks, but they are arguably renowned for eating whatever they catch their eye with their deadly teeth, including inedible materials.

Bull sharks

While bull sharks are known for their brutal nature, they can inflict massive damage on humans within seconds. Their ability to swim in freshwater adds to their threat, even though they live in the ocean. The shark is an indiscriminate opportunist, and it won’t care whether you’re an animal, a human, or another shark; it will try to kill and eat you no matter what.

Since these sharks are highly aggressive, you must know where they live in order to keep yourself safe. Get to know about it here.

Great hammerhead sharks

In the ocean, there is, without a doubt, no creature more iconic and instantly recognizable than this one. At the same time, it is also the most frightening. This species is easily recognized by its distinctively shaped head.

Their prehistoric appearance, as well as a deadly instinct to seek and destroy, makes them fatal sea creatures. Take caution when swimming near them. Even though they rarely attack humans, when they do, they are capable of doing serious harm.

Shortfin Mako sharks

Even if appearance, size, and aggressive nature weren’t enough to describe these sharks as frightening, another characteristic adds to their gruesome nature, and that is their high speed. Fast and agile, these sharks can reach their prey instantly.

Sharks can attack out of nowhere, so you should be cautious whenever, especially when you enter salty water. Find out where they live.

Basking sharks

Certainly not the most dangerous, but looking at their gigantic, wide-open mouth, it sure looks terrifying. It appears like they can swallow a person as a whole, but not many people know that basking sharks are a filter feeder shark and mainly feeds on plankton. Check out what their diet consists of.

Having said that, basking sharks are known to be the second largest in terms of size. So, it further makes the species look scary.


Many people enjoy diving, snorkeling, and other water sports, especially during the midsummer holidays. However, for some, the threat of seeing a shark is too much to bear, more importantly, when it is one of the scariest sharks, such as the great white, bull shark, or hammerhead.

Having said that, it is mainly the lack of knowledge or the false perception that makes us fear sharks. We should rather try to learn and understand their behavior, appearance, and other characteristics. Read other blogs about sharks, and many of your misconceptions will be addressed.

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