What Vitamins Do Turtles Really Need?

What Vitamins Do Turtles Really Need

For living organisms, we all know that vitamins are essential for growth and development. Similar is the case with turtles; turtles need vitamins to live a healthy and long life. But the question here is as per requirement which particular vitamins do turtles need the most? Let’s find the answer.

What Vitamins Do Turtles Really Need?

Almost all vitamins are very beneficial for the growth and development of turtles, but the two most important vitamins which they needed the most are vitamin A and vitamin D3, both of which are responsible for the good health of the turtles.

Why Do Turtles Need Vitamins?

Well, vitamin A is responsible for maintaining good health, skin, and the development of internal organs whereas vitamin D3 is essential for the absorption of calcium which ultimately strengthens the bones, muscles, and shell of the turtles.

From Where Do Turtles Get These Vitamins?

Turtles usually get vitamin A by feeding on vegetables such as kale, sweet potato, parsley, cabbage, turnips, squash, carrots, collards, lettuce, and spinach whereas they get vitamin D3 from the UV light either directly by basking in the sun or from UV light bulbs.

What If Turtles Face The Deficiency Of Vitamins?

The deficiency of vitamins in turtles may lead to severe problems such as the deficiency of vitamin A can cause visionary problems, respiratory disorders, hypovitaminosis A, raw skin, swollen eyes, loss of appetite, and squamous metaplasia (thickening of the duct lining of the pancreas and kidney).

Similarly, the deficiency of vitamin D3 will lead to the weakening of bones, and muscles and deformed shell formation, which eventually causes the death of the turtles.

How To Treat The Deficiency Of Vitamins In Turtles?

If the turtles have been diagnosed with a deficiency of essential vitamins, then the first and foremost step is to change the diet such as feeding them daily on a green leafy veggie. Further, give them supplements prescribed by your veterinarian to keep them healthy.

Caution: As long as turtles feed on a healthy and nutritious diet, it is not required to give them any additional supplements.

Do Turtles Need Other Vitamins?

Yes! Besides vitamins A and D3, turtles do need some other important vitamins such as:

  • Vitamin B1 – helps the turtles in regulating their metabolic processes.
  • Vitamin C – boosts immunity.
  • Vitamin E – plays the role of antioxidant and helps to dissolve the minerals that deposit on the shell.
  • Vitamin K – prevents blood clotting and breaks down fatty acids.

Final Verdict

Vitamins are very important for the healthy living of turtles. Though they need almost all types of vitamins for various purposes, vitamins A and D3 are majorly required among all because of their ultimate significance. Vitamin A is obtained from the food they eat and vitamin D3 is absorbed directly from the sun. However, the deficiency of these vitamins will lead to the death of the turtles.

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