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What Is a Good Shark for a Pet

Sharks have been around us for ages, and they are found in all seas, oceans, and rivers. Given that, having sharks as pets has become the newest trend among homeowners.

Having hundreds of species, we all feel like having them as a pet. However, not all sharks can be taken as a pet for sure since a few of them are considered dangerous to humans. Plus, their size, food preferences, and other characteristics don’t make it feel right to have any shark to be adopted as a pet.

Having more than 500 species, what is a good shark for a pet is hard to find? Your search for the right answer will end here if you are looking for the same. 

Can we keep sharks as pets?

There are some people who think sharks are not allowed as pets or that they cannot keep them as pets due to their unpredictable nature. However, it’s not exactly true. Though it depends on personal interest, some states do prevent keeping a few species of sharks as pets, for example, the great white sharks. That includes the sharks that are rare and the ones that might be dangerous for humans.

So, if you had any misconceptions before, it should be ended by now. Let’s now move forward and go through the shark species that you can keep at home. 

What shark can you have as a pet?

A good shark will be the one that remains human-friendly and is normal in size, depending on the home shark tank. There are sharks that go beyond 15 feet in length, so unless you have a separate pool for them, the size will remain an important factor.

Plus, you should be able to provide them with the kind of food they prefer and in sufficient quantity. If you aren’t familiar with sharks before, do check out when sharks attack? 

Surely keeping sharks as a pet isn’t common, and therefore, you must need to understand their needs and requirements to the best of your capability. If you are able to keep them the way they used to live, they will certainly prove to be cool creatures and a good pet, of course.

Before you keep a shark as a pet, it is suggested that you pet a fish so that you have a basic understanding of marine life. 

Moving forward, let’s get to know about the shark species that are favorable to keep at home as pets.

The Epaulette

The species can grow up to 35 inches long, but they are reported to reach a maximum length of 42 inches. Harmless to humans, the Epaulette is considered the best choice when it comes to having sharks as pets. While these sharks are capable of freely swimming, they are more likely to walk across the bottom with their paired fins as their limbs at low tide.

They are largely nocturnal and are most active at low tide. When it comes to diet, the Epaulette sharks feed mostly on crustaceans, worms, and small fish, preying on them as they approach. Unlike other species, the Epaulette easily becomes accustomed to captivity and can breed in tanks even as small as 500 liters.

The bamboo shark

All types of bamboo sharks, including the brown-banded and white spotted, are good sharks for a pet. Having a beautiful appearance and a size of around 40 inches, bamboo sharks make the perfect pet as they are easy to keep. Their diet mainly includes small fish, shrimps, worms, and other benthic organisms.

With a small mouth opening, you should provide them with the food in tiny pieces, or they may find it difficult to eat. Plus, you should keep them in a large tank as they prefer to swim freely, especially at night.

The wobbegong

Sharks from this group are generally non-aggressive, but only the smaller species are suitable for keeping as pets. The wobbegong sharks are easier to keep at home since they require low maintenance and require feeding a couple of times a week. Having a slow metabolism, you will find them spending most of their time sitting at the bottom of the aquarium. 

For as long as the size is concerned, the tasseled wobbegong and the ward’s wobbegong should be your option, as they are considered the smallest.

Other good sharks to keep as a pet

Aside from these three species of sharks, you can have other sharks, too, as long as you meet their requirements and know about their diet, habitat, and living nature. For the following sharks, you can easily keep them in freshwater and give your aquarium a new member. 

The other good sharks for a pet include:

  • The Rainbow shark
  • The Red Tail shark
  • The Bala sharks
  • Coral Cat shark
  • California Horn shark
  • Blacktip or Whitetip sharks
  • Harlequin sharks


Contrary to popular beliefs, all sharks are not aggressive or dangerous to humans, but there are several species that are good sharks for a pet. However, they require special care and attention since petting a shark is not the same as having any other marine animal.

Rest assured, if you keep a check on care and maintenance, sharks are good to have around.

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