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Mako Shark Teeth

Mako Shark teeth have interior teeth that are wide, flat and lacking of lateral cusps. This enables them to feed on larger prey such as smaller sharks, dolphins and swordfish. This article dives deeper into the life of a Mako Shark, including their habitat, distribution, ecology and conservation. Mako Shark Description There are two types … Read more

What Are Bullhead Sharks (Hornsharks or Heterodontiformes)?

Bullhead Shark, Hornsharks, Heterodontiformes

A Bullhead Shark is a small shark with five pairs of gill slits, a stumpy snout, no nictitating membrane and a ridge above each eye (giving them the appearance of being surprised). Bullhead Sharks are also called Heterodontiformes or Hornsharks. Appearance Of Bullhead Sharks Bullhead sharks (or Heterodontiformes) are fairly small sharks, the largest of … Read more

9 Of The Most Famous & Popular Shark Species

Famous Popular Shark Species

Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of different shark species, there are a handful of these predators that are better known amongst marine ‘laymen’. The majority of these are known for their attacks, size or unique physical attributes. 9 of the best known shark species are described up below. 1. The Great White Shark The … Read more

Ragged Tooth Shark

Ragged tooth shark

The Ragged Tooth Shark (Carcharias taurus) is also known as the Sand Tiger Shark, Spotted Ragged Tooth Shark, Blue Nurse Sand Tiger and a Grey Nurse Shark. Although rather frightening in appearance, this species is relatively placid and docile, only likely to make an attack if cornered or provoked. Because of it’s somewhat scary look and … Read more

Snaggletooth Shark – Fossil Shark | Sharks Info

snaggletooth shark

The Snaggletooth Shark, also known as the Fossil Shark (Hemipristis elongata) is a species of weasel shark and part of the family Hemigaleidae. It is the only surviving member of the genus Hemipristis. It is found in the Indo-Western Pacific, including the Red Sea, Southeast Africa, the Philippines, China and South Australia. Snaggletooth Shark Description The … Read more