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Soaring in the Ocean: 10 Fastest Fish in the World

Soaring in the Ocean- 10 Fastest Fish in the World copy

If you are a fishing expert and ever tried to catch fish from the ocean, you might have seen a lot of different fish. Specifically, if you ever lure up fish such as swordfish, you must know how fast some fish can be. A lot of them just look innocent but they have truly remarkable speed. There are tons of different fish species in every ocean worldwide. Today, I will be covering the details about some of the fastest fish that you can find in the whole ocean.

Soaring in the Ocean: 10 Fastest Fish in the World

These are the Top 10 fastest fish in the whole world and their speed ranges from 36 miles per hour (mph) to 82 mph:

10: Four Winged Flying Fish

With the scientific name Parexocoetus brachypterus, the flying fish is one of its kind. Its primary traits are its fins, which serve as wings for it to fly. This fish has almost 64 different types 7 of genres. These flying fish do not follow the traditional method of flying. They rather soar, than jump out of the water and glide above the water surface with a speed of almost 35 miles/hour (which can increase up to 42 miles/hour). This mechanism helps it to escape from its predators.

Four Winged Flying fish are found in the subtropical and warm oceans, where light penetrates the water.

9: Tarpon

Tarpon’s scientific name is Megalops Atlanticus. It belongs to a ray-finned fish family which is one of the oldest fish families (about 18 million). The key features of a tarpon include its light greenish-blue top and silver bottom. It has a little upward-tilted mouth and swim bladder that can store air, similar to actual lungs. This allows them to survive under low oxygen water. Tarpons also have a crescent-shaped dorsal fin, which helps them to swiftly glide inside the water. It has an average speed of 35 mph to 82 mph.

Tarpons are found in the tropical regions of the ocean.

8: Bonefish

Bonefish, scientifically known as the Albula vulpes, is a nearly threatened species of fish. It has the main features including a bonehead and scales covering its body. With colors including brown, dark green, and gray, it is one of the very few fish that actually looks like a normal fish. People call bonefish, a gray ghost, because of how they look. It has an insane speed of 40 mph

It is found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, inside their tropical regions.

7: Blue Shark

Blue sharks’ scientific name is Prionace glauca, and are often referred to as great blue sharks. This nearly threatened species of shark has an average weight of 400 pounds. They have a graded color, with dark blue on top and light one on the bottom. It gave him a solid gradient, which can camouflage it in water making it easy for him to prey (with its sharp pointy teeth) upon other species. It is a light fast kind of shark, with an amazing average speed of 43 to 45 mph

The blue shark is found on most of the off-coasts around the world (excluding Antarctica).

6: Bluefin Tuna

Thunnus thynnus is the scientific name of this mesmerizing fish. It is one of the biggest predators out there and is famous for its unique ability to manage its body according to temperature. It is famous for its polar bear-sized blue sparkling body and its authentic meat is the main part of Japanese sushi. It has some small yellow caudal finlets on its back and iconic small pectoral fins. Bluefin tuna has a fantastic speed that exceeds 43 mph. 

While found in the Mediterranean Sea, fishing has caused major damage to the population of Bluefin tuna across the world. It is because of their overconsumption by humans as a delicate food source.

5: Wahoo

Wahoo, scientifically known as Acanthocybium solandri is an elongated shaped fish. It has a lustrous blue color on its upper body, which makes it pop out from the rest of the fish. It has a stretched mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. Its light white or grayish meat is used for different types of delicate and high-end cuisines. It often serves as a shelter/food source for two parasites. These are giant stomach worms and trematode parasites. Wahoo is found inside the waters of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans 

Wahoo is one of the top 5 fastest fish in the world and can swim around 49 to 50 mph.

4: Swordfish

Xiphias gladius, commonly known as broadbills or swordfish, is a sharp predatory fish. It is famous for its pointy and long bill with a crescent-shaped tail fin. It is a non-schooling fish and prefers to live all on its own. Due to fishing for different competitions and other uses, its population has been decreasing drastically. They are excellent defenders and can attack the enemy with their pointy-shaped bills when provoked.

It can swim up to 60 mph(as per estimates).

3: Sailfish

Istiophorus platypterus, popular as sailfish, is one of the top 3 fastest fish in the world. Characterized by its huge blue and dramatic dorsal fin, this fish is one of a kind. With a pointed bill, crescent-shaped tail fin, and long pectoral/pelvic fins, sailfish can be up to 10 feet long. Often found near tropical reefs and continental coasts, sailfish is a species of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Due to excessive fish hunting, sailfish is officially categorized as a Threatened marine species.

Sailfish are found to be swimming up to the speed of 65 mph.

2: Striped Marlin

Striped marlin scientifically known as Tetrapturus audax is a fish species that commonly resides in the upper region of water, where light can easily penetrate through. It has a beautiful dorsal fin over its torpedo-shaped body and a long bill. It’s often used as a food source. Its orangish-red and slightly pink meat is served after grilling or consumed raw. In certain scenarios, it was also being smoked. It is local to the Pacific Ocean and can be located in the waters of California, Mexico, and Australia.

Striped marlin has set a record of up to 80 mph.

1: Black Marlin

Istiompax indica is the scientific name for Black Marlin. In the bony fish family, it is the largest one, with a length of about 15 feet. Compared to other marlin fish, it has a more solid blackish color on the upper half of its body. Black marlin, just like the other marlin fish, has a similar shape, with dorsal fins and a torpedo-shaped body. It is used as a valuable food source and is made a part of lots of events, dinners, and other functions. It is located in the Indo-Pacific subtropical and tropical regions.

Black marlin, as per the report, has been found swimming up to 82 mph.


The 2/3rd of the planet Earth is covered with water, with only being explored around 5% of the underwater. This means there is still a significant part of the information that we are missing about this marine world. With over 24000 known fish, these 10 are no doubt some of the fastest fish out there. But we still are missing a lot of the amazing fast fish including barracuda, great white sharks, tarpons, and a few others that can cross the limit of 35 mph.

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