Are Shrimps a Type of Fish and How they are Different From Fishes

Are Shrimps a Type of Fish and How They Are Different From Fishes

If you have ever tried shrimp then you might be wondering that either it is a fish or not because the taste of the shrimp is somewhat similar to that of the fish. Not only this, shrimps like fish are very popular seafood worldwide. Despite their richness in protein and delicious taste, many people do not know what shrimps are. Go through the article to know the answer.

What is the Scientific Classification Of Shrimps? 

Scientifically shrimps are named Caridea, and belong to: 

  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Class: Malacostraca
  • Superorder: Eucarida
  • Order: Decapoda
  • Suborder: Natantia
  • Superfamily: Penaeoidea

Where Shrimps are Usually Found? 

Shrimps have a very wide range of distribution along the coastal regions, estuaries, rivers, and lakes. They are found commonly in China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh Most of the shrimps are adapted to marine habitats, though some are also found in freshwater. They live at an approximate depth of 5,000 to 1,6000 feet. 

Are Shrimp a Type Of Fish? 

No! shrimps are not the type of fish they are crustaceans from a biological aspect whereas they are a type of shellfish from a culinary perspective. They share a family with mussels, oysters, lobsters, prawns, squids, and crabs. Their high nutritive values will make them delicious seafood worldwide. 

How Shrimps are Different From Fishes? 

Several factors differentiate the two: 

  • Fishes have fins that help them in swimming whereas shrimps possess 10 pairs of limbs that help them in swimming as well as in locomotion. 
  • Fishes are most likely considered vertebrates because of their complex nervous system and teeth – whereas shrimps are arthropods.
  • The skin of fishes is covered with scales to protect them whereas shrimps use exoskeletons for protection. 

How Fishes are Related to Shellfish? 

First and foremost, like other shellfish species, shrimps have an exoskeleton that provides them flexibility. Further, they have been adopted to thrive in saltwater habitats. Most importantly, they are considered lightful seafood – therefore they are categorized as shellfish. 

Why Shrimps are Edible? 

Shrimps are edible because they contain a good source of protein, have high carbohydrate levels, and omega-3 fatty acids, and are low in fats. The delicious taste of shrimp makes people fall for them throughout the world. interestingly, eating shrimps, will improve vision, strengthen the bones, improve brain health, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Which Shrimps are Edible? 

The following species of shrimps are widely edible: 

  • White shrimp
  • Brown shrimp
  • Rock shrimp
  • Royal red  shrimp
  • Pink shrimp
  • Tiger shrimp

Final Verdict

Shrimps do not fall under the category of fishes because have an exoskeleton, have limbs to swim and most importantly they are classified as arthropods. Tough, shrimps and fishes are aquatic creatures and both are considered delicious seafood worldwide but to call shrimps fishes is not acceptable.  

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