How Do Fish Drink Water?

How Do Fish Drink Water

Fishes – the most diverse group of creatures living under the water. We all know that fishes have gills that allow them to respire. They are very well adapted to live underwater but have you ever wondered that are they able to drink water as humans do? Let’s find out!

Do Fish Drink Water? 

Well, the type of habitat they opt for determines whether they drink water or not. Because it might look like they are drinking water but they take in water to keep the optimal balance of body fluid as well the salt concentration. For instance, marine bony take in water to keep them hydrated whereas cartilaginous fishes do not do so.

How Do Fish Drink Water? 

Fishes do not drink water they absorb water from their gills and skin through the process of osmosis (it is the flow of water molecules from low concentration to areas of high concentration). Moreover, the regulation of water within the bodies of fish is particularly determined by their habitat.

Do Freshwater Fish Drink Water? 

No! The freshwater does not drink water because their bodies are much saltier than the surrounding water which is why they only allow the passage of water from their mouth and escape out of the gills.

Do Saltwater Fish Take In Water? 

Yes! Saltwater fishes allow the flow of water inside their body because their bodies have less concentration of salt than the surrounding water which is why they allow the passage of water from the mouth into their system – especially the digestive tract and flow out of the gills. That’s why saltwater fishes always take in water to keep themselves hydrated.

How Often Do Fish Drink Water? 

It depends upon the type of fish. Some species such as tropical fishes live in warm conditions and do not receive enough moisture from the food, so they often take in water to keep them hydrated whereas some fishes as cartilaginous fishes only take a few sips of water, enough for them to keep themselves hydrated.

Do Fishes Get Thirsty Like Humans? 

The answer is no.

Unlike land animals, fishes do not feel thirst. This is because the term thirst is applied to a desire to drink water whereas, in the case of fishes, they do not have such desire. They live under the water actively and keep themselves hydrated.

Final Verdict 

It may look like the fishes drink water but in actuality, they do not drink water like the land animals because they do not feel thirst at all. They allow the water to enter their body through osmosis to keep themselves hydrated.

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