Are Whales More Dangerous Than Sharks

Whales and sharks – the two giant creatures of the ocean! Both are fearsome hunters of the marine ecosystem.

There has always been competition between sharks and whales. People believe that sharks are the apex hunter without any predators – they are at the top of the list! But that’s not true! There is another species that is known as the predator of the sharks – the whales!. In fact, sharks fear the whales and move away from the area where they spot the whales!

Let’s go through the article to know why whales are more dangerous than sharks!

Whales or Sharks – who is the strongest?

We are going to compare some of the characteristic features of both the species to see who is stronger enough to win the fight!

The maximum size of whales is 23 to 32 feet whereas sharks range from 15 to 21 feet in length. The whales are much bulkier than sharks which is why sharks swim faster! The whales always hunt in a pod whereas sharks are solitary hunters, often trapped in a dozen of whales and are not able to fight back!

Are whales more dangerous than sharks?

Yes! Whales are more dangerous than sharks because, in a fight between sharks and whales, whales win the fight! Is it so? Yes! The reason is that sharks are solitary creatures, they love to live and hunt all alone whereas whales usually live in a group, and always hunt in a pod – that’s why sharks avoid contact with whales and move back whenever they find a pod of whales near them.

Why do sharks fear whales?

Long ago it was believed that sharks are the top hunter without any predator, but the myth was busted when sharks were seen being attacked by the largest species among fish – the whale! Whales attack sharks in a pod from all sides and prevent the sharks from leaving the ground, whales hit sharks extremely hard which results in severe injuries. Sometimes whales attack sharks so brutally by tearing the skin up and squeezing the large liver of the sharks! What next? The poor sharks die on the spot! The predator finds delicious food for dinner!

Do whales feed on sharks?

The whales are the dominant predator of the marine ecosystem! Rarely but yes whales attack sharks and eat them. Once sharks spot whales in their area, they leave the habitat and do not return for months or years to their locality. They fear whales because they know if they get trapped in a pod of whales then there will be no way to escape – because sharks cannot overpower whales and are not able to bear the attacks of whales!

Who attacks humans the most – whales or sharks?

Sharks attack humans the most!

Interesting or surprising?

Humans are not included in the menu of both the predatory animals! Underwater whales are known to be the real king of ocean water but when it comes to humans the sharks are titled as the most dangerous ones because there are many reported cases of sharks attacking people, some of them are extremely fatal that lead to the death of a person. You will be amazed to know that there is no record of whales attacking humans to date, few cases are recorded only when they are kept in captivity!

Bottom line

Whales and sharks, the underwater creatures, are the top predators of the ocean but it is surprising that whales are even more sturdy than sharks because sharks fear the whales so much. They leave their natural habitat wherever they spot whales and never come back for months or years. Moreover, the whales have larger and bulky bodies than sharks, they always attack in a pod. Sometimes whales attack sharks so badly that they are extremely injured and may die! Under the water waves whales are more dangerous!

On the surface – near the shorelines, there are more cases reported of sharks attacking humans rather than whales. Sharks attacks are very fatal which causes the death of people whereas only one case of whale’s bites have been reported until now! If you want to know more, dive with both of the majestic beasts of the oceans – just to clear your thoughts!

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