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12 Best Spearguns In 2023 (For All Skill Levels)

12 Best Spearguns In 2023 (For All Skill Levels)

Spearfishing is undoubtedly gaining popularity in the fishing industry because it is one of the remarkable sports, especially for those living near the coastal waters. However, the tool used for it is a speargun which is available in a variety of forms. There are several options for you to select the best speargun for fishing near the coastline. For your guide, we have compiled a list of the best spearguns of 2023 which are quite easy to operate for people of all ages.

12 Best Spearguns In 2023

The best 12 spearguns which seem to be very effective for spearfishing are:

1: Pathos Sniper Roller Speargun

The Pathos Sniper Roller has great power as well as accuracy. It has a sleek stylish design, a roller, and a long band that increases the momentum and the speed of the roller when the shaft is set free. This speargun has a maximum length of 25.6 to 49.2 inches, a shaft of 0.28 inches in diameter, and a band of 0.63 inches in diameter. A balancer enhances stability and makes it easier to move in the water.

2: Cressi SL Star Pneumatic Speargun

Cressi SL Star Pneumatic is one of the best options for those who are trying to use a speargun for the first time. This speargun is available in three different sizes which range in length from 15.75 to 27.5 inches. The shaft of this gun is made up of stainless steel, and a yellow-colored handle makes the gun settle the gun on the seabed, which would otherwise float in the water current.

3: Cressi Comanche Speargun

The next in the row is the Cressi Comanche speargun which has been used for spearfishing for over a decade because of its exceptional power which loads a notch. It has a sleek and low-profile design with an aluminum barrel, preventing the gun from bending. It is available in 5 different lengths ranging from 23.6 to 43.3 inches, depending upon your preference.

4: Mares Sten Pneumatic Speargun

The spearguns of Mares are one of the leading and highly sold products because of their power and precision. An ergonomic handle gives it a rigid grip, a barrel made up of anodized aluminum which prevents corrosion and a shock-absorber made up of technopolymer helps the gun to catch a big bass. The gun is available in 4 different sizes which are in range from 16.5 to 33.1 inches maximum.

5: Beauchat Espadon Sport Speargun

The Beauchat Espadon Sport is designed specifically with the purpose to fish in shallow water or along reef regions. The gun has a comfortable pistol-style handle which gives it a smooth and easy grip. Further, this gun comes in 4 different sizes which range in size from 19.69 to 35.43 inches – each of which has an aluminum barrel that allows it to float.

6: AB Biller Mahogany Special Speargun

The AB speargun has an elegant design and delivers amazing power in each shot. The tip of the gun is made up of stainless steel which is strong and durable, allowing it to penetrate through tough surfaces. The gun is available in 5 sizes ranging from 30 to 50 inches maximum.

7: Rob Allen Tuna Speargun

Rob Allen Tuna is considered one of the most accurate spearguns made by the South African manufacturer. It is constructed with a versatile piston which allows the gun to fish in deep and shallow water. This gun is available in 5 different sizes with a length range from 31.5 to 55.1 inches.

8: Hammerhead Evolution 2 Speargun

The type of gun is constructed with a reverse trigger mechanism which allows the gun to maximize the stretch of the band. The gun has a unique design that allows the reeling of a line as well as mounting a camera on it. The gun is coated with nylon, and has loading pads, a safety grip, and a bungee, making it remarkable for spearfishing. Further, 8 different sizes of guns are available in the market which are of lengths ranging from 21.7 to 51.2 inches.

9: JBL American Made Speargun

This gun is constructed with a shaft made up of stainless steel which prevents corrosion, increasing the lifespan of the gun. The shaft of the gun provides hardness to prevent it from bending or overheating.  This speargun has dual nitro slings, and a rotating rock point and weighs around 6.6 pounds, making it popular among professional divers.

10: JBL Elite Woody Magnum 450 Speargun

The ideal design of the JBL Elite Woody Magnum 450 speargun makes it the perfect equipment for spearfishing. The 45-degree curved comfortable grip fits wonderfully in the hand and enables the gun to operate easily. Further, the length of the gun is approximately 62 inches with a shaft of 0.31 inches in diameter.

11: Mares Cyrano 1.1 HFT Speargun

This speargun is the best high-level equipment which has an internal barrel of 0.16 inches and the external barrel made up of anodized aluminum which provides buoyancy to the gun. The speargun is available in 4 lengths ranging from 38.2 to 52 inches. The shaft of the gun has a diameter of 0.28 inches which is designed to provide high accuracy while targeting large prey.

12: Riffe Bluewater Elite Speargun

This speargun is uniquely designed with Padauk wings, and an ice pick slip tip that prevents the gun from bending or breaking. The gun has an attached wire of 7×7 which can hold 500 pounds of weight without breaking. These features make the gun one of the best weapons to hunt under the water.

Final Verdict

There are several guns which are available in the market, the best 12 spearguns among all are listed above with the features that make them exceptional for fishing purposes. However, it is important to check for the one which is easy to hold or to operate while buying a speargun. 

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