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Cane Pole Fishing — A Complete Guide To Bamboo Cane Poles

Cane Pole Fishing — A Complete Guide To Bamboo Cane Poles

Cane pole fishing is one of the traditional methods used for fishing a bass of your choice. However, nowadays people focus on modern and easy ways to grab a fish, thus, a cane pole sounds like an ancient way of fishing but it turns into a very effective one – especially bamboo cane pole fishing. The complete guide related to cane pole fishing is here.

What Is Cane Pole Fishing?

It is a type of cane that is used for fishing particularly. The cane used is probably made from bamboo wood because it works effectively. The suitable length of the can cane can be 6 to 14 feet; however, you can stretch it to a length of your choice as well.  

How Does Cane Pole Works?

In actuality fishing with a cane pole is a bit easy as it includes rigging a small line that can be plunk in the shallow water. After that, hold the line near the base, release it gently, and flick the pole upward. Place the pole near the weedy areas where most of the basses reside. Once the line hit the target, smoothly retrieve the line until the fish is out of the water.

How To Make A Bamboo Cane Pole?

You are going to rig a bamboo pole but the most important thing to consider is the length and thickness of the bamboo. After getting the material of your choice, seize it and with the help of a drill, attach fishing equipment such as hook, line, swivels, and weight with it. Now, remove the bamboo’s outer coating to reveal the internal fibers. In the end, give a curved shape to it that will support the fishing line. 

What to Consider While Selecting a Bamboo For a Cane Pole?

While making a bamboo pole cane, must consider:

  • Choose a bamboo whose black rings are fairly close and widely dispersed throughout its length.
  • Ensure that the cortex is thicker than 5 mm and is about 8 inches because the dense the cortex is, the better it would be.
  • The treated bamboo is considered best because it prevents fungus and other microscopic insects from eroding the structure of the pole.

Final Verdict

Cane pole fishing is one of the traditional ways of fishing in shallow water. The pole can be made with any plant but bamboo is the suitable choice. The length and thickness of the bamboo are important to consider while rigging a pole. This cane pole proves to be effective while fishing around the weeds, pads, or rocky areas – making it an exciting activity in the modern world. 

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