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Dolphinaris: Swim with Dolphins in Cancun & Riviera Maya

Dolphinaris Swim with Dolphins in Cancun & Riviera Maya

Dolphinaris is more than an aquatic park. It’s a dynamic, interactive arena that allows visitors to connect with one of the most intelligent and playful creatures of the ocean—the dolphins. Located in the beautiful settings of Cancun and Riviera Maya, Dolphinaris is designed to deliver an experience that goes beyond ordinary amusement park activities.

Understanding the Concept of Dolphinaris 

A visit to Dolphinaris is an exciting journey into the world of marine life, a chance to interact with dolphins in ways you never thought possible. While it’s home to several dolphin species, it is also a place of learning and exploration as you get to understand these creatures on a deeper level. From observing their behavior to understanding their distinct forms of communication, Dolphinaris is all about fostering a connection between humans and dolphins.

Dolphinaris is a paradise for those who seek an immersive marine experience. Their dolphin programs allow you to observe these creatures up close, touch them, swim with them, and even learn some training techniques. Each interaction is designed to respect the dolphins’ well-being while offering an enriching experience for the participants.

Locations of Dolphinaris

With several locations spread across the region, each Dolphinaris center offers its unique blend of experiences. Two of the most popular destinations are settled within the scenic surroundings of Cancun and Riviera Maya.

1: Dolphinaris in Cancun 

Cancun, known worldwide for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and stunning white-sand beaches, provides the perfect backdrop for a Dolphinaris center. Located conveniently within the hotel zone of Cancun, Dolphinaris offers both residents and tourists easy access to its range of dolphin interactions.

It is a destination that seamlessly combines nature’s splendor with modern amenities. The combination becomes even more extraordinary when it involves Dolphinaris Cancun. It’s not just about swimming with dolphins—it’s about doing so in a setting that feels natural and serene. 

With the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop, the experience of interacting with dolphins at Dolphinaris Cancun becomes as immersive as it can get.

2: Dolphinaris at Riviera Maya 

Riviera Maya, another destination renowned for its natural beauty, hosts a Dolphinaris center amidst its lush greenery and beautiful beaches. The Riviera Maya Center takes pride in offering visitors a range of dolphin interaction programs.

Located amidst lush jungles and pristine waters, the Riviera Maya Center focuses on providing interactions that feel organic and unscripted. The stunning natural beauty, coupled with the meticulously designed dolphin interaction programs, make Dolphinaris Riviera Maya a must-visit destination for all nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Immersive Experiences at Dolphinaris

The key to the Dolphinaris experience lies in its variety of immersive programs designed for every type of visitor. The programs include: 

1: Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a bucket list experience for many people, and at Dolphinaris, this dream comes to life. With several swimming programs on offer, each participant has ensured a unique interaction with these magnificent creatures.

These programs are not just about swimming beside a dolphin or being pushed by one; they are carefully crafted to provide an interactive learning experience. They allow you to understand dolphins better, appreciate their intelligence, and witness their playful nature up close.  

2: Trainer for a Day Program

One of the unique experiences offered at Dolphinaris is the Trainer for a Day program. This immersive experience allows you to walk in the shoes of a dolphin trainer, offering insights into the everyday life of these dedicated professionals.

During the program, participants learn about the dolphins’ diet, their healthcare, and training techniques, and even get to participate in live training sessions. It’s an educational and fun-filled day that offers a unique perspective on these intelligent creatures.

Tips for Visitors 

Your visit to Dolphinaris can be a cherished memory, an experience of a lifetime. But to ensure it goes smoothly, there are several aspects you need to plan for, from booking your program to understanding the center’s rules and regulations. Below are some tips to help figure it out!

  • Dolphinaris offers a range of programs for visitors to choose from. It is advisable to reserve your experience in advance through the Dolphinaris website or by directly contacting them.
  • Choose the right program depending on your comfort level in the water, your interest level, and the depth of interaction you desire.
  • Once you have booked your program, it’s crucial to arrive prepared. Dolphinaris provides all necessary gear, and you can also bring your essential accessories such as a swimsuit, towel, etc. 
  • Dolphinaris emphasizes respectful and safe interactions with the dolphins. During your visit, it is crucial to adhere to the instructions provided by the trainers at all times.


Dolphinaris offers you an unparalleled opportunity within the stunning settings of Cancun and Riviera Maya to interact with dolphins and create memories that will last a lifetime. With several programs in place, each one is designed not just for entertainment but for education, ensuring visitors leave with a deeper understanding of dolphins, their behavior, and the importance of their conservation.

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