Great white shark vs Saltwater Crocodile– Who will win?

Great white shark vs Saltwater Crocodile– Who will win?

Crocodiles are reptiles that exist both on land and in water, but great white sharks prefer deep seas and cannot survive on land. Crocodiles and great white sharks are both violent, aggressive species that prey on smaller sea creatures. They do, however, frequently fight each other. Let’s find out who would win this fight.

Great White Shark Vs Saltwater Crocodile

1: Size

A great white shark is about the size of a saltwater crocodile. A great white shark can grow to be 21 feet long and weigh 2,400 pounds. The saltwater crocodile can reach 1,500 pounds and 20 feet in length, but larger and longer variations have been observed. The great white shark is larger on average. The great white shark outnumbers the crocodile in size.

2: Bite Force

Great white sharks rush into their prey while delivering a devastating bite. The power of these bites can reach 4,000 PSI, with 50 6-inch-long fangs smashing into the target. Instead of keeping prey from moving, their teeth are designed to bite and tear away the flesh on their own.

Saltwater crocodiles use their teeth and powerful jaws to attack their prey. These animals can create up to 3,700 PSI bites, pushing their 4-inch teeth into the flesh of their opponents. These fangs are designed to hold their prey while puncturing deep into their bodies.

3: Speed

Great white sharks are excellent water hunters, and their speed and agility contribute to their success. These sharks can achieve speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Saltwater crocodiles are also swift. In the water, they may attain speeds of up to 15 mph. Sharks outrun saltwater crocodiles in terms of speed.

Who Would Win In A Fight – A Great White Shark Or A Saltwater Crocodile?

A great white shark would defeat a saltwater crocodile. Although these dangerous beasts are extremely powerful, the great white shark has an incredible edge in the sea. This animal would not only be the first to see the crocodile, but it also possesses the quickness to deliver a crushing attack.

Do Saltwater Crocodiles Eat Great White Sharks?

Though it is not a common sight it has been reported by a few people that they’ve seen saltwater crocodiles consuming great white sharks. As both animals have powerful bite forces, it can be expected from saltwater crocodiles to feed on great white sharks.

The Final Word

In a fight between the two, the great white shark will overpower the saltwater crocodile because it can move at high speed and have a very strong bite force. However, saltwater crocodiles do have a strong bite force as well, that’s why, it is possible that in some cases, they might win over the great white sharks, but that would be a rare sight. That’s all from the about this article. We have learned in detail who will win in the fight between the saltwater crocodiles and the great white shark.

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