How Many Pups can Tiger Sharks have?

How many pups can tiger sharks have

Tiger sharks, or Galeocerdo cuvier, are among the largest species of shark. They are one of only a few shark species that change skin patterns and body forms throughout their stages of growth. Tiger sharks are well-known for their attacks on humans and their number is also quite much in the ocean. Let’s find out how many pups a tiger shark can have.

Tiger Sharks

The tiger shark derives its name from the distinctive vertical bars that run along the sides of its body. Though these bands fade significantly as people become older, they are quite obvious in children and remain at least partially visible throughout their lives. The tiger shark, which may grow at least 18 feet (5.5 m) long and 2000 pounds (almost a metric tonne), is the fourth largest and the second largest predatory shark, trailing only the great white.

How Do Tiger Sharks Reproduce?

Female tiger sharks are larger than males. And, for unknown reasons, they prefer to give birth on the main Hawaiian Islands. Tiger sharks are in their pupping season in autumn. Baby tiger sharks hatch from eggs that develop inside the mother shark’s body, a process known as ovoviviparity. Pregnant tiger sharks do not have placentas; instead, they create uterine milk to nurture their growing cubs.

Female tiger sharks have a long gestation period—up to sixteen months—and give birth to between ten and eighty-three offspring. Newborn sharks are born with fins that are many sizes too large for their body. They’re easy prey for other marine predators because they’re small and inefficient swimmers. Juveniles double their length in a year, but they don’t outgrow their “awkward stage” until they’re four years old and eight feet long.

How Many Pups Can Tiger Sharks Have?

As a result of reproduction, female tiger sharks have anything from 10 to 82 embryos and have “30 to 35” pups every litter on average. however, the number of pups can also reach up to “80 pups per litter“.

What Do Pups of Tiger Sharks Feed On?

Young tiger sharks consume a wide range of aquatic creatures, including sea turtles, fish, squids, birds, and seals. As the tiger shark grows in size, so does its prey.

The Final Word

Tiger sharks are ovoviviparous and they give birth to 30 to 35 pups per litter on average but this number goes up sometimes to 80 pups per litter. These young ones of tiger sharks do not bite humans and feed on small prey. As soon as they become adults, the size of their prey increases and they become dangerous for humans.

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