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How Long can Betta Fish go Without Food

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Betta fish’s stomachs are the same size as their eyes. So, they do need food frequently in order to survive. Normally, betta fish can survive for almost “ten to fourteen days”. But, there are some factors that also contribute to the possible lifespan of a betta fish when there is no food for them.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of a Hungry Fish

Although, it has generally been declared that the betta fish normally survives up to almost two weeks of time if they do not get their food, there are some other physical and environmental factors that also affect the lifespan of a hungry betta fish. Let’s discuss them one by one separately.

Tank size 

The time duration for the betta fish to survive without food also depends on the size of the tank in which it has been placed. The less the water is in the tank or let’s say the smaller the size of the tank, the more it will require cleaning and maintenance. So, in case there is a small amount of water or the area in which the betta fish is placed, the water must be changed to provide good hygiene to the fish. Otherwise the fish can die within a shorter period of time.

Water Hygiene and Temperature

The more the betta fish feels comfortable, the longer it can survive. Betta fish can survive comfortably in a certain temperature probably seventy five to eighty degrees fahrenheit. If the water is colder or warmer than this, it will make it difficult for the betta fish that are already hungry to survive. Moreover, another factor that impacts the lifespan of a hungry betta fish is the water hygiene. The water with dirt or dust particles or the water that is not clean enough for the survival of a fish will also possibly reduce the lifespan of the betta fish.

Health of the Betta Fish

One of the most important factors to consider here is that, it must be ensured that the fish is happy and healthy so that it can survive the generally declared time period for a hungry fish that is ten to fourteen days. If the fish is already having any kind of health issues, it will for sure make it difficult for them to make it to two weeks.

What Happens to the Betta Fish When They do not Eat?

When betta fish are not fed or when they stay hungry for a shorter period of time like one to two days, it surprisingly proves to be beneficial for them as it stabilizes their stomach removing all the waste from their bodies. Moreover, sometimes betta fish have some digestive system problems like bloating because of being overfed at a certain instance. Staying hungry for almost two days can reduce or cure this problem. 

However, staying hungry for a longer period of time is never a good idea for the betta fish as it can cause them serious illness and health issues. But, as discussed earlier it can survive for almost two weeks.

The Bottom-Line

The generally believed lifespan for betta fish that do not have their food is almost ten to fourteen days. However, it is not a precise measurement of timespan as there are some other factors that also have a huge impact on the lifespan of a hungry betta fish for instance, water hygiene, water temperature, tank size/ area and health of the betta fish.

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