How Much Does A Shark Cost?

If you are really going to buy a shark then be ready because you have to pay some serious cash. Well, the price of sharks is quite doubtful because no one knows the exact price. The price of shark parts such as meat, fins, or teeth generates a billion dollars in revenue annually but analyzing the accurate price of a healthy shark is a ballgame. Let’s begin the survey to fetch the rough prices of sharks.

How Much Does A Shark Cost?

The selling of sharks is illegal and is banned in many countries but despite all people want to buy either the whole sharks or their meat to make delicious dishes at home. The price of all the sharks is not known, however, the price of a few species are listed below:

1:  White-spotted Bamboo Shark:  The price of a White-spotted Bamboo Shark varies, depending upon the size of the species. The price of a 6 to 7 inches Whites-potted Bamboo Shark cost about $99.99, the cost of a 7 to 10 inches shark is $129.99 and the cost of a giant 10 to 14 inches shark is $149.99.

2:  Hammerhead shark:  Keeping the Hammerhead shark at home as a pet is not only illegal but it’s also not good for the other fishes in a tank. Despite this, if you want to buy then you have to pay $15,000-$1 million to buy a shark.

3:  Rainbow shark: These sharks are not very popular in the aquarium because they are semi-aggressive species. Despite all, if you are interested in buying Rainbow shark then you have to pay just $5.

4:  Great White shark: The Great White shark is one of the most incredible species of shark. If you want to buy this fascinating creature of the ocean, then you have just to pay $1.08M.

5:  Angel shark: To keep an Angel shark in captivity, you just have to pay $8.95 and take the shark with you.

Cost Of Shark’s Meat

Now we are going to evaluate the prices of fish that are caught specifically for eating. Here we go. 

1:  Dogfish shark:  Dogfish shark is sold on the market at $ 19 per pound. The meat of the fish is used to make chips and fast food items.

2:  Black Tip Shark: This species of shark cost $7.99 per pound. The shark’s meat is quite popular because of its light taste but is quite expensive.

3:  Fox Shark:  It is a member of the Thresher shark family. The meat of the shark is of mild flavor and is used to make steaks and flakes. The meat is sold in a market for $20.60 per pound.

4:  Thresher Shark:  The meat of the Thresher shark costs $26 per pound. It is quite expensive because the meat is highly nutritive – it contains 2% carbohydrate, 4% potassium, 4% calcium, 4% Sodium, and 12 grams of fats and proteins. The meat is juicy and gives the steak a unique flavor.

5:  Mako Shark:  The divine taste and texture of the shark’s meat make it one of the most popular and expensive sharks. The meat of Mako shark is sold in a market at $30 per pound. Interestingly, the steak of shark’s meat cost $89.90.

6:  Blue Shark:  The meat of Blue sharks is not sold in markets normally because the population of sharks is declining continuously. So if you want to have Blue sharks meat on a dinner table then you can only buy it from the Seafood online company at the cost of $15.35 per kg.

7:  Hammerhead Shark:  The meat of the Hammerhead shark is available in almost all fish markets. The meat of the shark cost $14.99 for 3 ounces. But due to its jerky form, the sales of meat are decreasing. 

Final Words

Sharks are the most precious species of the oceanic world which is why fishing and finning in considered illegal in many countries. The accurate price of healthy sharks is quite difficult to evaluate. So in this article, we have mentioned the price of a few species that are commonly sold in a market. However, the cost of sharks can be predicted by the price of their meat sold in a market. If you are good at calculations, then go for it and evaluate the price of a shark.

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