How Much Megalodon Tooth Worth?

“Nothing in life, even a few broken bones, is without its reward.”

A very well-known quote by John le Carre reminds us all how valuable bones can be, even if they are not in one piece. They are even more important and worth hundreds of dollars if it is of the extinct animal species. Here in this article, we are going to talk about none other than the extinct species of shark, the Megalodon, the largest ever shark to be caught, and how much its tooth is worth.

Sharks, no matter the species, are made of cartilaginous skeletons and do not have bones, but they have teeth that are hard and fossilized. There are other parts of sharks that fossilize besides teeth, which is important to remember. However, in the case of Megalodon, it is due to the discovery of their fossilized teeth that scientists are able to determine their existence and when they went extinct.

With that said, let’s find out how the value of shark teeth is determined and how much the Megalodon tooth is worth.

How is Megalodon’s tooth worth defined?

A Megalodon tooth’s value depends on many factors, including its size, overall condition, color, and from where it has been found. To make sure that you get the best piece, we suggest you go through all points thoroughly.

1: Size

When it comes to fossilized shark teeth, size is feasibly the most crucial factor. Megalodon teeth in excellent condition are highly hunted after by fossil collectors. The larger a shark tooth, the more value it will possess. Megalodon, being the largest species of all, had some big size teeth. However, you will find them in all different sizes. In general, teeth between 2 and 5 inches are common, but teeth over 5 inches are rare, so collectors tend to seek them out. Tooth over the size of 5 inches is worth thousands of dollars, given other conditions, are good.

2: Color

Because Megalodon teeth are fossilized after they deposit in sediments, they can take on a variety of colors. But most of the teeth available for sale are either dark gray, black, or brown. The price of other shades of teeth is usually higher as they are rarer.

3: Condition

A significant factor in influencing the value of a Megalodon tooth or other fossilized shark tooth is its condition. Serrations, good enamel, and an intact root on a tooth will fetch better prices than a tooth that has been broken in half or heavily tumbled. The superior the condition, the greater the worth.

4: Location

In some areas, particularly in the Southeast United States, Megalodon shark fossils are relatively common. When teeth are collected from difficult-to-reach locations, they can be worth more.

Worth of a Megalodon tooth

Megalodon is an extinct species of shark, and owning its tooth is nothing less than a fortune. Based on the conditions discussed above, the worth may vary from piece to piece. You may get a Megalodon tooth of small size and in satisfactory condition for a few hundred dollars. However, if you go for the larger ones, and in good conditions, the worth will be much higher, probably, in thousands of dollars. For a rare size or color, expect an even more price.

Remember that due to the increasing demands for Megalodon teeth, the prices are getting higher after every other month. So, if you are considering for one, it’s worth investing in today. 


One of a kind, it always feels immense pleasure to have in possession some of the rarest things from history, and what can be more valuable than a tooth from an extinct shark species? The Megalodon tooth, if found in good condition, can be worth thousands of dollars, and it will gain more value over time.

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