How Much Does It Cost To Swim With Sharks?

Face to face interaction with sharks!

The breathtaking experience!

When you hear the word “shark” automatically you have goose bumps! You are not all alone, many people fear sharks after hearing about the attacks of ocean beast. Sharks rarely attack humans and to some extent it is predictable and not fatal all the time. Don’t panic! Be relaxed if you fear them, how would you dive with a mysterious but magnificent creature of the ocean!

To have this incredible experience, let’s see how much you have to pay for it!

How much does it cost to swim with sharks?

To visit a shark’s hometown without an invitation costs you more than you expect. If you are a shark expert then money doesn’t matter but if you are a common man who wants to meet sharks to fulfil their life dreams then definitely you have to pay for it!

Well, all countries where sharks are thriving offer different deals to dive with sharks. Let’s take a rough look at the pricelist of diving with sharks!

  • Depending upon the locality and the number of dives, the open water diving normally costs from $100 to 3,000.
  • If you have a diving package of 5 days it will probably cost you $2,000 and for a nine days package you have to pay $3,600.
  • The cage diving is the safest among all the techniques to meet sharks. It will cost about $3,100 to $3,900.
  • Species preferences also charge you at different rates such as visiting a home where whale sharks will cost you from $100 to $150 whereas if you want to meet Reef shark, Tiger shark or the Great HammerHead shark you have to pay $100 to $200.

Cost on the basis of locality

The cost of diving with sharks varies from area to area! The areas with more sharks cost you more than the one with less population of sharks depending on where you want to go and for how long a period of time! Let’s find out:

  • If you are on a one day trip, in the Gulf of Farallones in California where you can find a number of shark’s species then you have to pay only $875 for this incredible adventure. Whereas if you just want to see them from a boat then you have to pay $375.
  • If you prefer a long experience of Guadalupe Island in Mexico for a 10 days diving trip then it costs you about $3,200 to $4,100 depending upon the type of food and cabin.
  • The seasonal divers mostly prefer diving ventures in Australia, depending upon the number of days the price ranges from $900 to $1,500 per head.
  • How do we forget the sharks of South Africa? The dive companies’ offers a number of trips like you have to pay $250 for one day tour, $200 for more than 2 days and about $2,000 for a 10 days trip.

Other than diving, you have been extra charged for the following things.

Additional Charges

  • For registration of open water certification you have to pay about $120.
  • For choosing a specific lesson and location you have to pay an additional charge of $400 to $960.
  • Definitely when you go diving, you must be fully equipped, you have to pay $30 to $1,500 – based on the type of material or equipment.

What does it conclude?

Among the ocean creatures, the sharks are the most fascinating creatures of the ocean. Many people fear to interact with them but some dream about diving with them deep in the ocean water. If you have a wish to meet the giant creatures of the ocean then you must have to pay for your dream! The typical cost of diving trips ranges from $100 to $4,000 depending upon the number of days and type of destination you choose! Dive companies offer lessons, food, beverages, equipment and lodges in a package as well.  

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