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How much great white shark tooth worth

As we all imagine sharks to be giant beasts with big mouths containing razor-sharp teeth capable of tearing apart anything, great white sharks truly resemble that image. An apex predator, the largest predatory fish in the ocean, there has been so much speculation about the great white shark tooth being of a significant value in terms of price and as well as for legacy. Well, we have seen animals’ teeth and other parts being kept in museums, but little do we know how much a great white shark tooth is worth.

The great white shark’s teeth

There are a total of 23-28 serrated blade-like teeth in the top jaw of great white sharks, and 20-26 serrated blade-like teeth in the lower jaw. The significance cannot be ignored given the fact that sharks are in itself fascinating creatures of the ocean, and when it comes to the apex predators, the great white sharks, there is no match.

As a matter of fact, sharks’ meat, fins, liver, oil, and other parts are widely being used for an array of purposes and are sold commercially as well. The teeth’ worth increases, given that great white sharks are known to have the kinds of teeth that can tear apart anything and everything that comes in between their powerful jaws. Let’s get to know then how much it is valuable.

The worth of a great white shark tooth

As you approach the great whites underwater, the only thing that you see instantly is the long, terrifying triangular teeth. Its hundreds of saw-like teeth allow it to rip and grip flesh like a knife and fork, making it one of the world’s most notorious predators.

There seems to be an endless supply of battle-ready blades for a great white shark during its lifetime, as they can have over 20,000 teeth in their lifetime.

How is the worth of a tooth decided?

Well, it is influenced by a number of factors, most importantly, the size. A big shark tooth will be worth more, while a smaller tooth may not be worth nearly as much. The tooth is also worth more if it comes from an uncommon shark species.

Similarly, a fossilized shark tooth is even more valuable since it may be part of an extinct species. Shark teeth become fossilized when they turn black over thousands of years.

Remember that the great white sharks are declared vulnerable species by IUCN due to their rapid decline in population in recent years. Consequently, their teeth will be worth more than before.

What is the worth of a great white shark tooth?

Given the condition, the great white shark tooth can be worth $1,000 or even more than that. However, it can be less given the condition, for example, if the size is small. You can get it at varying prices from Amazon, eBay, or Shark Jaw Technician selling on their own website.


Sharks are incredible creatures of the ocean, and they make beautiful collectibles; for example, shark teeth are one of the most fantastic items to collect. It is even more fabulous if the tooth is of the great white shark, as we have seen great white shark teeth worth hundreds of dollars.

A shark tooth collection can certainly be a delightful collectible that lets you connect to nature, explore something so amazing and fun, and at the same time, provide you the opportunity to learn more about sharks.

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