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How To Find Sharks Teeth In Florida

Loooook! What did we find?

It’s a shark’s tooth – Oh My God!

Florida is known as the shark’s tooth capital of the world and the best place to find the shark’s tooth is along the beaches in Florida! either freshly fallen or fossilized!

Beachcombing has always been a fun activity for the visitors, people love to walk along the shores to collect sea glass, shells, driftwood and the sparkling sharks teeth! By surfing a little bit of energy and having patience, you will definitely find a shark’s teeth while having a family adventure on the beach! The lucky one! The body of sharks is made up of cartilage rather than bones and the cartilage decays in the ocean more rapidly, so the only thing sharks left behind is the razor sharp like Teeth!

Sharks – the most impressive hunters of the ocean water! These incredible creatures have multiple rows of teeth which are like a conveyor belt and are replaced when they fall out. Sharks produce on an average 30,000 to 50,000 teeth depending upon the type of species throughout their living period. As the teeth fall off, you can collect them from the sediments or creeks along the river coastlines.

Now the question is how you would find the glittering teeth of sharks in the extended ocean? Let’s move on to learn how and where you can find them easily!

How to find the shark’s teeth in Florida? 

The beaches of Florida are best known to have vivacious coral reefs and rich marine life. Most regions of Florida are surrounded by water where many species of shark are thriving along the coast line. Sharks continue to shed their teeth throughout their lifespan, which settle down on the seafloor and fossilize in the muddy layers. With the change in climatic conditions, the sedimentary layers are exposed and you find a shark tooth everywhere.

Moreover, you need a keen eye to search and identify the glittering teeth. The shape and color can help you in identification. Now it’s your luck whether you find a freshly fallen black tooth or fossilized tooth in your sand pile.

What is the best time zone to search for the shark’s teeth?

The beaches of Florida are rich in shark teeth, you can find them any time you visit the coastline but the ideal time is after the storm. The strong waves tend to carry lots of teeth from the bottom of the sea and bring them to the upper surface.

In Florida – what are the best places to search for shark teeth?

As we all know there are almost 189 beaches in Florida, among all the best of them where you can probably find the shark’s teeth are listed below:

  • Venice Island
  • Caspersen Beach
  • Manasota Key – Englewood beach
  • Casey Key
  • Boca Raton
  • Singer Island
  • Fort Clinch State Park
  • Palm Beach
  • Jupiter Island
  • Mickler’s Landing Beach Ponte Vedra
  • St Augustine Beach
  • Amelia Island
  • Jacksonville Beaches

For your understanding, we are sharing some of the tips you must learn while hunting the shark’s teeth.

4 tips and tricks to hunt the shark’s teeth

Before going for searching the teeth on beach, we have share some of the tricks that will help you out to hunt your treasure:

1: First, find the right place to hunt teeth; there are few places where you can find them without putting much effort.

2: Select the suitable time, probably after the storm is the best time to go.

3: Spot the area where there are more shells and debris, you will find teeth hidden in the shells or waste of the water.

4: Look for your treasure by scooping the sand or walking along to locate the teeth.

 Enjoy your treasure and have a blast!

Final words

When it comes to hunting the teeth of sharks, the first place to visit is Florida. Searching for shark teeth is a fun activity to spend all day on the beach. You would find shark teeth throughout the year but the most suitable time is after the storm as the tidal waves bring numerous shark teeth to the shoreline. If you love to collect antiques, then look for beaches of Florida for the shark’s teeth!

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