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How To Survive A Shark Attack

If you are planning to dive into a deep ocean, then you will probably stop for a second and remember that a shark is the name of the scary 500 species that are living in the ocean. All these species of sharks have pointed, sharp teeth but only a few of them have powerful bites. How will you survive their attack? Don’t worry! if you ever face them, remember the tips and tricks we are sharing for you in the article.

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Is It Possible to Survive The Attack Of A Shark?

Yes! It is possible to survive a shark attack. Many people and divers survive when they are attacked by sharks because all shark attacks are not lethal. There are only 60 to 70 attacks of sharks reported every year, out of which 10 to 12 are recorded as fatal ones. Recently, in 2022, 43 cases have been recorded out of which only 1 is reported as fatal. By knowing the number of sharks that attack every year, it is possible to survive sharks’ attacks.

How to Survive a Shark Attack?

According to an estimate, there is a 75% chance for you to survive a shark attack. Following are the defense tactics you must have in your mind whenever you are in a horror moment of a shark attack. Some of the surviving strategies are enlisted below:

1: If you are in water and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a shark’s circle then do not panic, just keep calm and relax.

2: Maintain eye contact with them and show them that you are also a predator.

3: If a shark approaches you just push them away rather than start a fight with them.

4: If you are injured or bleeding then stay out of the water because sharks are capable of smelling the blood from a mile away.

5: Do not meet sea lions, seals, and large groups of fish because they all are the main course of sharks’ diet chart.

6: Try to avoid those areas of the ocean where there are a large number of dead animals present – it can draw sharks’ attention.

7: Avoid swimming in the dusty and murky waters, channels, and harbor entrances as these are the most frequently visited spots by sharks.

8: Do not wear bright contrasting color dresses and shiny jewelry because they look like shiny fins of the fishes to sharks.

9: Sharks are attracted to continuous splashing of water, so swim erratically and come out of the water as soon as possible – this swimming pattern attracts sharks the most.

10: If a shark swims towards you, defend yourself and don’t give up until or unless the shark does.

11: If a shark attacks you, do not play dead, kick the shark in the sensitive areas. such as nose, eyes, and gills opening.

12: If a shark catches you, be aggressive and brutal as much as possible to avoid being beaten by them.

13:  If you are bitten by sharks, stop bleeding as quickly as you can, otherwise you are inviting more sharks to encounter you.

14:  If you get injured, do not look at the wound and slowly move back towards the shoreline. Once you are out, immediately getting medical help to stop the bleeding.

Bottom Line

Humans and sharks interact with each other so many times either in the deep ocean or near the shoreline. Though, there are very rare cases of sharks attacking humans that have been reported. Probably 60 to 75 cases are recorded every year, out of which only 10 to 12 are considered fatal. Despite all that, many possible ways may help you survive shark attacks if you suddenly encounter them. For your understanding, we have listed some of the useful tips which you must remember whenever you want to visit sharks’ hometowns!

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