Why is my Turtle Always Sleeping?

Why is My Turtle Always Sleeping

When you own a turtle, you observe that your turtle sleeps more than you expect. You must be worried and think that might be your turtle sick. Right! Why is it so? Let’s find out the reason behind this unexpected behavior of the turtle. 

Why is My Turtle Always Sleeping? 

Many species of turtles exhibit different sleeping behavior. Turtles like other animals need to sleep for rest. They sleep too much because the low water temperature and colder air will make them fall asleep for a longer period. 

Factors Affecting The Sleeping Pattern Of The Turtles

There are a few factors that will affect the sleeping behavior of the turtles: 

1: Low Water Temperature

The low water temperature will cause the turtles to fall asleep and become inactive for a longer time. Turtles usually sleep too much but if you find your turtle more sluggish than normal, it means that the temperature of the aquarium is too low. 

2: Sleeping Pattern 

Usually, the turtles are diurnal but some are nocturnal which means that they are found resting all day. The reason is that wild turtles need to wake up at night to protect themselves from predatory animals and found food easily. 

3: Season 

The sleeping behavior of the turtle will also regulate the external environment. In summer, the turtles are found to be more active especially in the morning hours because of the cooler weather whereas, in winter, the turtles are active in the midday hours. 

4: Brumation 

When the turtle experiences brumation, they enter the stage of complete dormancy. They do not swim or eat and become inactive for a prolonged period. 

5: Age 

The turtle becomes inactive as they grow older. The young turtles are found to be more active whereas the aged turtles spent most of their time resting. 

Steps To Improve The Sleeping Pattern Of The Turtles 

For the pet turtles, you must have to follow the following measures to improve their sleeping behavior: 

  • Maintain the normal water temperature for the turtles to live in. The ideal water temperature for the turtles is approximately 75 to 85o F. 
  • Provide them with the proper exposure to the UV light either directly from the sun or by mounting the UV light bulbs. 
  • Maintain the hygienic condition of the water tank. 
  • Provide them with a nutritious diet which will boost their energy level and help them to become more active. 


Most of the time, turtles are found resting because the low water temperature and colder air will make them fall asleep. Age, weather conditions, brumation and disturb sleeping patterns will make them inactive and they sleep and rest more than usual.

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