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What is the Most Humane Way to Kill a Fish?

What Is the Most Humane Way To Kill a Fish

It is the responsibility of every hunter to treat them with dignity and to kill the animal humanely – the same is the case with the fish. Catching and releasing the fish is something different, however, killing a fish that are intended for your table is quite difficult. There are certain ways in which you can opt to kill a fish humanely, here we go. 

What is Meant by Humane Killing? 

Humanely killing the animal means the animal is either killed quickly or made nonsensical till the victim dies, without suffering any pain or discomfort. This is done probably when your fish feels ill or you intended to eat the aquarium fish. 

What is the Most Humane Way to Kill a Fish? 

Well, there is no particular method that is considered suitable for the killing of the aquaria fish but certain methods are contemplated for killing humanely, these are: 

1: Ikejime Method

The best method to kill fish humanely is by Ikejime. This method was first introduced by the Japanese because they were obsessed with restoring the quality ingredients of the food. it is an instant way to cause the brain death. The significance of this method is it makes the taste of the fish much better. 

2: Percussive Stunning Method

It is another humane way peruse by fishermen to kill the fish when caught. This method includes the use of blunt objects or instruments such as a bat or a club to hit the head of fish to deliver a hard blow to the brain. 

3: Clove Oil Method

This method is particularly adapted to kill sick fish at home. It is the one humane way to end the life of the fish with the highest ethical standards. In this procedure, clove oil is used to anesthetize the fish, add mix oil and water and then shake the jar to make the mixture milky. Let the fish in it for an hour to ensure it has expired.  

4: The Alka Seltzer Method

This is a very simple and easy way to way to kill the fill however, the fish may suffer a bit before dying. In this method, add the fish in a container and then put 2 to 3 Alka seltzer tablets, as soon as the tablets fizz, the fish will trash out easily. Afterward, leave the fish for approximately 10 minutes to confirm its death.  

5: Overdosing Carbon Dioxide

Some people make use of an excess of carbon dioxide to kill the fish. Injecting excess carbon dioxide into the aquarium will block the gills which ultimately suffocates the fish and causes the death of the fish. 

Final Verdict 

There are certain ways to kill the fish humanely to raise the highest ethical standard. Procedures such as Ikejime, percussive stunning, clove oil, the Alka seltzer, and overdosing with carbon dioxide are very effective ways to kill the fish without pain.

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