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Shark Jokes | 100 Funny Puns, Riddles & More!

Shark jokes is one of our favourite ways to pass the time! Sharks are not only the main marine predators, they are also extremely interesting. They have roamed the ocean for over 450 million years, and although they are one of the strongest creatures in the ocean, they don’t even have bones. Their skin is like sandpaper, and when flipped onto their backs, they go into a dopey trance. For these and many other reasons, we cannot resist sharing our favourite shark jokes and puns with you!

Funny Shark Jokes

If you’re looking for funny shark jokes for adults and kids, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our hilarious collection of the most ‘finny’ shark jokes! We have included jokes about all your favourite sharks, such as the Great White Shark, Hammerheads and other puns that will tickle your funny bone. Who doesn’t like a good pun about animals? 

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  1. In the sea world, what’s it called when one thing makes something else happen? – Jaws and effect.
  2. What does a shark like to eat with peanut butter? – Jellyfish
  3. What did the shark say when he bit the fishing line? – “I’m hooked!”
  4. There’s just some-fin about you.
  5. Which sharks do you find in heaven? – Angel sharks
  6. What’s a shark’s favourite game? – Hide and go eat.
  7. How do sharks find things online? – They surf the fin-ternet.
  8. Who is the most famous shark writer? – William Sharkspeare.
  9. What was the last word of the shark movie? – Fin.
  10. Did you hear about the psychic shark? – It can sea into the future!
  11. Why do sharks swim in salt water? – Because pepper water would make them sneeze!
  12. What did the pirate shark sing with his crew? – “Yo ho ho and a bottle of chum!”
  13. What’s a baby shark’s favourite nursery rhyme? – Jack and Gill.
  14. What are a shark’s two most favourite words? – Man overboard.
  15. What do a computer and a shark have in common? – They both have megabites.
  16. Who delivers presents to shark children on Christmas? – Santa Jaws.
  17. What do fish like to dress up as for Halloween? – Goblin sharks.
  18. Stay jaws-itive.
  19. What’s a shark’s favourite breakfast food? – A jellyfish filled donut.
  20. Where’s the first place the shark visited in Europe? – Finland.
  21. Did you hear about the all-star shark athlete? – He led his team to the chompionship!
  22. What did the hammerhead’s boss say when he did a good job? – “You nailed it!”
  23. There’s no-fin I wouldn’t do for you.
  24. You’re skating on fin ice, pal…
  25. What’s a shark’s favourite song? – “Don’t Stop Be-reef-ing”.
  26. What’s a shark’s favorite word to say in agreement? – De-fin-itely.
  27. What advice did the dad shark give his son? – “Go take a bite out of life!”.
  28. What did the shark get when he traveled to the Arctic Ocean? – Frostbite.
  29. Did you hear about the shark ghost? – It vanished into fin air!
  30. I chews you.
  31. How can you tell if two sharks are friends? – They act chummy with one another.
  32. What’s a shark’s favourite event to attend? – The carnival!
  33. That shark sure is athletic—he’s been working on his a-gil-ity!
  34. What did the shark say when he ate the clownfish? – “This tastes a little funny…”
  35. What do you call a shark in a bad mood? – Grumpy gills.
  36. What do Sharks have on their toast? – Mermalaid.
  37. Why do sharks eat underwater internet cables? – They were advised to have more fiber in their diet.
  38. Who’s a shark’s favorite Star Wars character? – Chewbacca.
  39. Why are sharks hard to trust? – They tell great white lies.
  40. Why can’t most sharks and whales read? – They are not part of a school.
  41. Don’t trust sharks—they’ll spill your sea-crets.
  42. Where do lonely Sharks go to find companionship? – Sand Bars.
  43. Why did the shark get sent to jail? – He was involved with some fishy business.
  44. Come to the shark side…
  45. There’s a little-known, but foolproof defense against sharks. – Sharks will only attack you if you’re wet.
  46. Why did the shark cross the reef? – To get to the other tide!
  47. What’s a shark’s favourite card game? – Go fish.
  48. The shark is out of work right now, but don’t worry—he’s collecting workers chomp.
  49. What’s a shark’s favourite meal? – Fish and ships.
  50. Why did the shark quit dating? – Even though there are still many fish in the sea, he was netted into a relationship and got catfished.
  51. What do you call a dapper shark? – So-fish-dicated.
  52. What type of sharks do carpenters like? – The hammerhead and saw shark.
  53. What’s a shark’s favourite candy? – Jaw breakers.
  54. When lawyers go fishing, why do they throw back the sharks? – Professional curteousy.
  55. No wonder that shark doesn’t have any friends—it’s a loan shark.
  56. Who’s Iron Man’s alter-ego in the sea world? – Tony Shark.
  57. Why was the shark so funny? – He was fluent in shark-asm.
  58. What’s a shark’s favourite coffee shop? – Shark-bucks.
  59. What does a shark victim see before their end? – Fin.
  60. How did the hammerhead do on the Math exam? He nailed it.
  61. What’s a shark’s favourite science fiction TV show? – Shark Trek.
  62. What do you call the stuff caught in a Great White Shark’s teeth? – Slow swimmers.
  63. What happened when the shark got famous – He became a starfish.
  64. Arguing with strangers online is like wrestling sharks. Even if you win, it was a really stupid thing to do.
  65. What did the seal with a broken arm say to the shark? – Do not eat if seal is broken
  66. What do you get from an angry shark? – As far away as possible!
  67. What’s a shark’s least favourite sweet? – Jawbreakers!
  68. Why didn’t the shark want to fight the octopus? – Because he knew he was well-armed!
  69. What do you call an acrobat in shark-infested waters? – A balanced breakfast!
  70. What kind of shark wears big, baggy, gold trousers? – MC Hammerhead!
  71. What did one shark say to the other shark? – There’s some-fin special about you!
  72. What was the shark’s favourite movie? – Eating Nemo!
  73. What’s a shark’s favourite Bible story? – The one about Noah’s shark!
  74. Pretend you are on a boat surrounded by sharks. How do you survive? – You stop pretending!
  75. What should you do if you see a shark? – Swim away!
  76. How did they know the victim of the shark attack had dandruff? – They found her head and shoulders on the beach.
  77. How does a shark greet a fish? – He says, “Pleased to eat you!”
  78. Where do country music-loving sharks go? – Gnashville!
  79. What do sharks serve their guests at parties? – A sharkcuterie.
  80. Why do sharks circle people before they eat them? – Because people taste better without poop in them….
  81. What type of shark do you find at a building site? – Hammerhead sharks!
  82. What’s yellow and dangerous? – Shark infested custard.
  83. How does a shark chef announce that the food is ready? – “Hot off the gill!”
  84. What did the shark say to the whale? – What are you blubbering about!
  85. Did you hear about the musician who borrowed money from a loan shark? – He’s in a whole lot of treble.
  86. What kind of shark likes to gamble? – A card shark!
  87. What did the Great White shark say to the cliff jumper? – “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you!”
  88. How do you make a shark laugh? By telling it a whale of a tale!
  89. What did the shark get on his maths test? A sea-minus!
  90. What is a British sharks favourite meal? – Fish and Kids!
  91. Why don’t sharks like fast food? – Because they can’t catch it!
  92. Whats the weird fleshy thing between a sharks teeth called? – A surfer.
  93. What do sharks say to comfort each other after a relationship ends? – “It’s okay, there are plenty more birds in the sky!”
  94. What happens when you put a shark and a cow together? – I don’t know, but I wouldn’t like to milk it!
  95. Why didn’t the octopus fight the shark? – Because he was spineless.
  96. If you thought it was expensive to go swimming with dolphins, you should try swimming with sharks. . . it cost me an arm and a leg!
  97. What sort of fish operates on a sick shark? – A sturgeon!
  98. “SHARK INFESTED WATER” – You mean their home?
  99. What does a shark order at McDonalds? – A quarter flounder with cheese?
  100. Why was the shark eating pineapples? – Because it makes seamen taste better.
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