Shark’s Cove Everything You Need To Know

Shark’s Cove is a must-see spot in Hawaii for people on vacation who want to have a magical experience full of adventure, entertainment, and excitement. While it’s famous for snorkeling, there are many other beautiful attractions you need to discover. If you are a true adventurous person, we bring you the article discussing sharks cove: everything you need to know.

All about Shark’s Cove

There are so many things that we can write thousands of words on this, but we will be specific and will let you know everything about shark’s Cove that proves to be valuable and helpful.

Let’s begin with the location and get to know how the weather there is.

Direction & Weather conditions

Shark Cove on Oahu’s North Shore, in Pupukea Beach Park, is not far from Haleiwa Town and Waimea Bay, a unique, reef-protected beach cove that gets its name from its shape, which bears some resemblance to that of a shark.

If you are coming from Haleiwa town, it will take you something around half an hour in a car, and it will take more time if you are taking a bus. Anyways, Google Maps will be the right option to explore the distance and the time.

When it comes to weather conditions, the summer months are the best time to snorkel at Sharks Cove since October through April are Hawaii’s surf season, with the heaviest waves between December and February. Swimming in winter is not preferred for beginners and as well as for children as the big wave breaks make it challenging. 

However, it is best if you google the weather conditions and tide report before planning your trip. You will know the current weather conditions this way, and you will be well prepared.


Not an issue since the place is not crowded; however, to find a place for parking during the season, you’ll have to get there early, or else you will miss the spot. Shower facilities will be available at the parking lot if you want to use them.

Anyways, you will find other parking spaces, but they can be at some distance from the shark’s Cove.

Additionally, there are shops and restaurants along the beach to give your hunger a retreat.


The shallow, rock-lined pools at Shark’s Cove are ideal for snorkeling because they are protected from large ocean waves by a large rock wall. Making it one of the greatest snorkeling beaches on the island, water shoes are highly recommended in order to protect your feet.

The best time to snorkel, as mentioned before, is during the summer, as you will have calm waves and the current. On the other hand, swimming/snorkeling here in the winter is dangerous due to the waves and strong currents, so it should be avoided during this time.

Within the bay, the water is usually eight to fifteen feet deep, but the deeper it gets, the further out you go; it can go up to 35 feet deep in some parts.

Do you have sharks in Shark’s Cove?

To be honest, there are no sharks in Shark’s Cove, and this is one of the reasons this place is rated safe for children. When it comes to kid-friendly beaches, this one is good if you need shallow water and little or no waves.

However, with no sharks, you will see plenty of fish, including parrotfish, surgeon, goat, needle, trumpet fish, and many other types. Besides, the marine life at Shark’s Cove includes turtles, jacks, crustaceans, octopuses, and other wide arrays of marine animals.

What you see at the shark’s Cove depends on your luck; at times, you might have a glaze at multiple marine animals, and someday, you may only see a few of them.


An awesome place to stop by, take some photos, or go snorkeling; you will see no crowd and, therefore, will have an amazing time. More importantly, after getting everything you need to know about shark’s Cove, you will go prepared and will surely enjoy the trip.

Aside from what you’ve read above, it’s crucial that you know there are no lifeguards on duty, so be careful if you aren’t experienced in swimming or snorkeling. Rest assured, the place is best for all. Bring in a towel, sunhat, snorkel, waterproof camera if you would like to have a few clicks, and of course, the mask, and you will surely have a wonderful experience.

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