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Spinner Shark – Facts & Information

Spinner Shark - Facts & Information

The Spinner shark belongs to a group of requiem sharks, among which the Oceanic Whitetip, Silky sharks, and Bull shark are the common members. These species of sharks are known to be highly active especially when they roam in the school. Interestingly, the name of these sharks is derived from the way they spin to catch their prey. There is much more about Spinner sharks, that needs an explanation.

What is the Scientific Classification of Spinner Sharks?

The scientific name of the spinner shark is Carcharhinus brevipinna belongs to:

Kingdom:  Animalia

Phylum:  Chordata

Class:  Chondrichthyes

Order:  Carcharhiniformes

Family:  Carcharhinidae

Genus:  Carcharhinus

Species:  C. brevipinna  

What is the Geographical Distribution of Spinner Shark?

The spinner sharks are found all over the globe, along the Western Atlantic region, the Bahamas, the Northern Gulf of Mexico, in Southern Mediterranean waters, the Indian Ocean, the Western Central Pacific, and Australia. These species live in shallow water, along the continental shelves, at an approximate depth range from 30 to 75 meters.

What is the Physical Appearance Of A Spinner Shark?

These remarkable creatures of sharks are blessed with a large, slender body with long-pointed snouts. The Spinner sharks are greyish bronze in color from the top and are whitish underside, with a white band along the flanks. The key feature of the Spinner shark is that they have dorsal, pectoral, anal, and tail fins, all are tipped black.

Further, the upper jaws of these fishes are equipped with 15 to 18 teeth whereas the lower jaws contain 14 to 17 teeth, all are serrated which serves them to become a ferocious predator. These species range in size from 6 to 9 feet and are about 120 to 200 pounds heavy.

What Do Spinner Sharks Eat?

Spinner shark is a carnivorous species as well as an exceptional hunter which feeds on a variety of stuff such as:

  • Grunt fish
  • Tuna
  • Herring
  • Lizard fish
  • Sardines
  • Mollusk
  • Rays
  • Small sharks

How Do Spinner Sharks Reproduce?

Spinner sharks are viviparous species that give birth to pups. These species give birth to at least 3 to 15 pups in each breeding season with a gestation period of 12 to 15 months. The Spinner sharks have a maximum life span of 15 to 20 years.

What is the Conservation Status of the Spinner Shark?

Well, the Spinner sharks are considered Near Threatened in the Red list of IUCN. These species are very common among fisheries as they are highly valued for meat. Thus, illegal hunting and habitat destruction is the major cause of the disappearance of these species from ocean waters.

Interesting Facts About Spinner Shark

Some of the incredible facts about the Spinner shark are enlisted below:

  • The spiral motion of the shark while chasing prey, is the reason behind its name.
  • These species are can jump out of the water as well.
  • The maximum jumping of the sharks in the air was recorded to be 20 feet.
  • Spinner sharks are not deadly for humans. 
  • These species usually hunt the small fishes that roam in school.

Final Verdict

The Spinner sharks are a member of requiem sharks which are found living in almost all the water bodies of the world. Their greyish bronze slender body can reach a maximum length of 9 feet. The species hunt in a unique spiral movement, especially targeting the school of small fishes. Though, these species are high in demand among the fisheries which is why they are listed as Near-threatened by IUCN.

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