The Oman Bullhead Shark (Heterodontus)

The Oman Bullhead Shark (Heterodontus)

This is an undescribed species of bull-head shark, similar to the Hjaponicus, but distinguishable by its different colour pattern, its lower dorsal fin and its smaller size.


  • English: Oman bullhead shark;
  • French: Requin dormeur d’Oman
  • Spanish: Dormilón de Oman
The Oman Bullhead Shark (Heterodontus)
The Oman Bullhead Shark (Heterodontus)

Diagnostic Features Of The Oman Bullhead Shark

The Oman Bullhead Shark has a supraorbital back at the lower end. The interorbital space is concave and the depth of the crest is less than a quarter of the length of the eye. The anterior tip of the retaining tooth has a pair of canines, while the posterior molariform tooth is unknown in adults. On the first of the dorsal fins the field marks are present on the dorsal fin, the spine and the anal fin. The origin of the pectoral fin is located at the inner edge and the color pattern shows some broad dark saddles all over the body, narrow intermediate stripes and small dark spots both on the dorsal fin and on the pectoral fin, black fin tips and white apical spots.

The lateral stem densities are very rough. It is low, rounded, angular and has a height of about 1 / 1 of the total length of adults with its origin at the front of the pectoral fin introduction, its metatarsal at the rear fifth gold fin opening, its insertion at the origin of the front pelvic fin and when it is free at the rear tip of the rear pelvic fin ; it has a larger pelvic fin than the second dorsal fin whose origin is opposite the pelvic fin. The anal fin has a subeckony crown that reaches to the origin of the lower tail fin and is located in the anal-caudal space less than the base of the anal fin. The length of the penultimate dorsal fin amounts to approximately 24% of the anal caudal space and approximately 7% of the total length.

Colour Of The Oman Bullhead Shark

The dorsal surface is tan to brown, with a broad, diffuse margin of brown saddles around the tip of the snout, the origin of the tail fin, a light to dark spot on the tip of the dark fin, a harness pattern on the head, a dark bar on the interorbital surface, a single broad dark spot over the eye, the tip of the fin is dark brown with a black-and-white spot on the tip of the dorsal fin, and the breeding color and pattern are unknown.

Distribution Of The Oman Bullhead Shark

Oman (Northern Indian Ocean)

Distribution Of The Oman Bullhead Shark

Habitat Of The Oman Bullhead Shark

Caught in southern Oman at depths of up to 80 meters on soft soils, specimens from commercial trawlers.

Biology Of The Oman Bullhead Shark


Size Of The Oman Bullhead Shark

The adult male is 52 cm long and the adult female 61.2 cm.

Human Impact On The Oman Bullhead Shark

It is of interest to fishermen and people because of the impact of fishing by commercial traders in southern Oman.


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