Tokyo Rig –  How To Fish And Rig?

Tokyo Rig – How To Fish And Rig

There are many techniques and tactics that if performed with skills and experience, can help fishermen catch large bass. The anglers have been using different types of lures for fishing for a long time but recently in Tokyo, Japan, a unique type of rig is gaining the attention of the fishermen for bass fishing – the Tokyo Rig. This article focuses on what the Tokyo Rig is, how it works, and much more which must enhance your interest in bass fishing.

What A Tokyo Rig Is?

The Tokyo Rig is the simplest rig that enables anglers to hunt fish either from a boat or from the shoreline at all depths just with little gear. It resembles a lob but has a noticeably smaller bottom line. Depending on the sort of lure, the weight of the wire is adjustable, and the pivot offers superb rig mobility.

How Tokyo Rig Works?

The Tokyo Rig is a lot more complicated than its basic structure, as it connects a variety of lures such as giant rubber crawfish, or swimming minnows to its large hook. The adjustable weight allows the fisherman to hunt at any depth whereas the swinging wire keeps the rig suspended and clears off the mud and silt so that basses can see it while still roaming near the bottom of the ocean.

What Is Required To Construct A Tokyo Rig?

The items enlisted here are needed to construct a Tokyo rig any time you want:

  • Barrel Swivel
  • ¾ to 1½ ounce Weight
  •  Split Ring
  • Wide Gap Hook
  • Stiff Bendable Wire or Paper Clip

How to Fish via Tokyo Rig?

Several techniques allow fishing via Tokyo rig, depending upon the locality. Let’s examine various strategies for catching more basses on the Tokyo rig.

1:  Tokyo Swim:   Some basses live in deep hard-bottomed water holes allowing the anglers to use their casting skills and search water as much as they can. This is a very simple technique to hunt because the dropping in the weight of the Tokyo Rig will bounce over the submerged object and produce the noises required to draw additional bass toward the bait.

2:  Tokyo Punch:  This method is successful to fish bass via Tokyo Rig among the matted weeds or lily pads. The fishing rig’s weight enables it to cut through it, reach the bottom, pause, and give it a gentle shake to catch a bass.

3:  Tokyo Rock:  The Tokyo rock method is another brilliant way to use the Tokyo Rig, allowing the angler to rig near the rocks, in the shallow water by bumping along the bottoms or off the log and rocks.

What is the Significance of Tokyo Rig?

Tokyo rig can be used because:

  • These are unique in actions, specifically near the bottoms.
  • The bait moves with more flexibility.
  • Versatile in operation
  • It efficiently “punches” through the grass.
  • It provides excess to attractive covers.

Bottom Line

Recently, Japan introduced a Tokyo Rig for bass fishing to ease the angler for catching large bass. It has very easy and simple work as it allows the fisherman to hunt at any depth. You can opt for different methods of bass fishing like Tokyo Swim, Tokyo Punch, and Tokyo Rock via Toko Rig. Fishing with a Tokyo Rig is perhaps the most fruitful choice made by many anglers as it opens up many ways of fishing a large bass.

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