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Alabama Rig _ How To Fish And Rig It

Alabama Rig _ How To Fish And Rig It

The Alabama rig, often known as the A-Rig, blasted the angling industry in 2011 and has since begun capturing large bass. Closely resembling a little bait ball, the Alabama rigs may greatly assist in stimulating the attention of the bass and draw them to lures. This article shares some significant knowledge about the Alabama rigs.

What is Alabama Rig?

Alabama rig is a gear that enables fishermen to utilize numerous baits simultaneously, making it ideal for imitating a tiny group of baitfish. The heads resemble swimbaits and have thin wires that extend out like an umbrella. Although the number of wires varies per rig – commonly an umbrella has 5 wires of 6 to 7 inches, having snaps and swivels at the end, allowing the hooks to rig.

What are the Components of Alabama Rig?

The Alabama rig consists of:

  • Hooks
  • Split rings
  • Swimbaits
  • Medium springs

How to Fish Alabama Rig?

To hunt a fish with an Alabama rig, use an electronic depth sounder to locate the drop-offs or ledges covered with gravel or weeds. Once you establish the land, mark the target. Next is to cast a rig, use a rod with a long handle that will help you to whip the rod forwardly. Now, allow the rig to set on a marked depth, in general, the bait falls to an appropriate depth of 1 foot.  In the end, retrieve the rig by slowly reeling it for a few seconds to get what you want.

Where to Fish Alabama Rig?

The best place to throw the rig is along the deep regions of the water bodies such as humps, bluff walls, ledges, bridges, or even across brush piles on reservoirs. Natural lakes, deep grass lines, offshore rock piles, and deep breakers are excellent locations for Alabama rigs.

When to Use the Alabama Rig To Fish?

When the temperature of the water begins to fall specifically in the summer days and remains warm in the spawning season – the Alabama rigs are best to cast. Throughout the year, fish will undoubtedly bite on it, but the optimum periods to cast it are when the basses are stuck, gathered together, and consuming herring.

How to Rig Alabama Rig?

To rig the Alabama rig, 5 swimbaits and jigheads are needed to cast the bait deeper and retrieve it faster. After rigging swimbaits onto the jigheads, fasten the jigheads to a snap on the ends of the lines. The lines must be slightly more flexible so the swimbaits may float independently. Remember the rigs collapse somewhat on the back cast because if you have it too tightly closed, they will catch on each other frequently.

Final Words

The Alabama Rig is a bait that alters the market, and some fishermen even earn a living on this one particular set-up and become an expert at using The Alabama Rig. The rig is a gear that enables fishermen to utilize numerous baits simultaneously, making it ideal for imitating a tiny group of baitfish. When fishing during the winter, use an Alabama rig to boost your probability of catching a fish.

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