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Top 10 Cutest Deep Sea Creatures

Top 10 Cutest Deep Sea Creatures

About two third of the world is covered with oceans, which provide shelter to millions of species. These species vary from small planktons to large dolphins which are adapted to swim miles in a day. However, some species are also considered the cutest and the most beautiful due to their vivid coloration and incredible appearance. Some of the prettiest are described here.

Top 10 Cutest Deep Sea Creatures

The species that have made it to this list exhibit adorable appearances. Let’s explore.

1: Nudibranch

These species are called by an informal name, Sea slugs. These are soft-bodied mollusks, found living deep in almost all the water bodies of the world. Approximately, there are more than 3000 species of Sea slugs found living in the sea. The beautiful bright color and unique patterns make them incredibly beautiful creatures. Further, the vivid coloration allows these species to camouflage with the surroundings, thus providing them with a defense mechanism.

2: Mantis Shrimp

Another deep-sea creature is the Mantis shrimp which can grow to a maximum size of just 4 to 10 inches. The bright color of the body, with big bulgy eyes, makes them the cutest sea creature.

3: Brittle Star

The next in the row is the Brittle star which resembles somewhat the starfish. These species move with the help of their slender arm on the floor of the sea. The attractive feature of these creatures is the symmetry in the arrangement of the arm which protrudes out from the central disk, allowing them to move with agility.

4: Pufferfish

The smiley face and big eyes of the Pufferfish are enough to gain people’s attention. However, these species are quite dangerous because they are the most poisonous vertebrates that live under the water. they have tapering bodies with wide heads with bright coloration, allowing them to merge with the surrounding.

5: Coconut Octopus

These species are considered the most intelligent deep-sea invertebrates. They are named so as; they are eternally covered with a shell that looks exactly like a coconut which provides them defense against predatory animals. The dark and light tone, irregular designs resembling snake skin, and the light-colored suckers which help them in walking on the sea floor, all together, make them one of the most beautiful creatures of the open waters.

6: Beluga Whale

Here is another cutest deep-sea creature is – the Beluga whale. They have round and beautiful faces with lovely smiles all the time. The friendly nature of these whales is also a plus point for them. These species prefer to live in a pod in an ice-cold region and communicate with each other via clicks or whistles.

7: Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtles are usually found living in the extreme depth of open waters. Their remarkable greenish coloration makes them the most recognizable creatures by divers. Healthy green sea turtles are expected to live for 80 to 100 years but you have to dive deep to meet up.

8: Dumbo Octopus

The large eyes, button-like nose, and ear-like fins make the Dumbo octopus the cutest creature of the deep-sea waters. They are also popular with the name Umbrella octopus because while walking or swimming, the arms are spread symmetrically, and look like an umbrella.

9: Irrawaddy Dolphin

The round face, formidable head, and broad flippers are remarkable features that look cute on an Irrawaddy dolphin. These are found living in tropical and subtropical shallow waters. The recorded size of these species is 9 feet and is around 420 pounds heavy.

10: Leafy Sea-dragon

At the first sight, the Leafy Sea-dragon looks like seaweed but actually, it is a fish and is called the king of camouflage as it can easily merge with the surroundings to protect itself. Particularly, these fish are found living on the Southern and Eastern coasts of Australia.

Final Verdict

There are many creatures that live under the water and are considered the cutest deep-sea species such as Nudibranch, Mantis Shrimp, Brittle Star, Pufferfis, Coconut Octopus, Beluga Whale, Green Sea Turtle, Dumbo Octopus, Irrawaddy Dolphin, leafy Sea-dragon. The appearance and the vivid coloration of these species and their unique patterns make them look like the cutest creatures of the open water.

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