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What is a Group of Fish Called?

What is a Group of Fish Called

You have heard people calling a group of animals by particular names such as a herd of sheep, a flock of birds, a swarm of insects, or a colony of bees. Right? Fishes usually like to swim all alone in the extended oceans but you might have also noticed species roaming in a group. But have you ever thought about what possibly could be the name of that group of fish? Keep on reading to increase your knowledge. 

What is a Group of Fish Called? 

Most of the fishes are seen roaming in the ocean waters in a group. The collective noun which is used to represent the group is called either a school of fish or a shoal of fish depending on the type and the migratory behavior of the fishes. 

What is School of Fish Mean? 

The school of fish refers to the same fish species of the same age or size living together. Each member of the group performs actions in synchronization. all the species swim in every direction in a very coordinated way one after the other. 

What is Meant By Shoal of Fish? 

Shoal is a term that is applied to the group of fish which belongs to different families but stay together for some special social reasons. It is the largest gathering of fish in the aquatic world. This grouping allows the species to find a mate during the breeding season easily. 

Why Do Fishes’ Swims in a Group? 

Fishes are social creatures that travel in a group to overcome all sorts of dangerous situations. More than 80% of the fish swim in a group to travel a long distance by reducing the friction between the water and the bodies. Further, the grouping protects the species by hiding in a group, confusing the predatory animals. Moving in the group also proves helpful for them in locating food and mate. 

Different Names for Fish Group

The school or shoal is a general term to represent the grouping among the fishes. However, certain unique collective nouns are used to represent the specific type of fish group, these are: 

  • Hover – a group of trout 
  • Sorority – a group of Betta fish 
  • Flotilla – a group of swordfish 
  • Troop – a group of dogfish 
  • Glint – a group of goldfish 

Is there any Disadvantage of Being in a Group? 

Yes! Being in a group poses certain types of drawbacks as well like the grouping results in the depletion of oxygen which may suffocate the species. Further, the grouping results in the building up of excretory matter in the middle, making species uncomfortable to be in a group.  

Final Verdict 

About one-quarter of the fishes in the aquatic world live in the group. This grouping of fishes is represented by the term school or shoal. Further, certain specific terms are used for a specific type of fish such as hover for trout. The grouping protects the fish from predators and provides shelter or abundant food. However, sometimes the grouping results in the depletion of oxygen, which may cause suffocation but it’s a rare condition.

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