What is the Best Bait to Catch a Shark

If you are a shark lover and plan to visit the beach then you might wish to catch a monster  of the ocean – The Sharks! Right! No doubt, catching sharks is an incredible experience, you can catch them at any time either in daylight or at night time – either from the beach shoreline or roam in a boat to look for giant creatures of the ocean water. It’s all up to you what strategies you adapt to clutch the sharks!

If you are brave enough and have made up your mind to encounter the beast of the ocean then this article will help you a lot – as we are going to explain about some of the best baits you can use to catch sharks!  Let’s begin!

What is the best bait to catch sharks?

All sharks are carnivores – meat eaters! Small fishes are the favourite food item of all the sharks. So any local fish that is oily and bloody can fascinate the sharks. Living fishes are the best bait to attract sharks. In general, any freshly caught fish can be torn up and can be efficiently used as bait.

What are the elements of the best shark bait?

When you go fishing for sharks, it is important to choose the best bait. Shark are very choosy about their food, they are not dumb. They are very active creatures and are highly skilled hunters! You are going to target them, so must choose an effective bait.

Enlisted some of the major characteristics of the best bait:

1: Local fish

if you are going to fish for sharks in a particular area then look for a local fish population of that locality. The shark’s feed on the present there in a particular season and eat anything they find when they feel hungry, they would not wait all day for some exotic dinner!

2: The size of the bait

Sharks mostly feed on the forage fish which they hunt. The size of the bait does matters at all, if you use a large, oily, bloody and firm fish, your bait may attract the giant sharks as well because it is the best trap for sharks.

3: Freshness

If you are using a bait consisting of chunks (small pieces of food) then make sure that it’s fresh. The fresh bait contains high content of blood and oil that can attract sharks more quickly because they are super sniffers and can smell the scent of  blood efficiently. The use of frozen food is avoided because it becomes sludgy and soft when placed in water and may float away from the hook.

What are the baits used for fishing sharks?

As fishes are the top priority of the sharks, so following are the listed species that can be used if you want to catch a shark:

  • Spanish mackerel fish
  • False albacore or Bonito fish
  • Spot fish
  • Tuna fish
  • Ladyfish
  • Bluefish
  • Menhaden fish
  • Mullet fish
  • Jack crevalle fish
  • Sardines fish
  • Threadfin herring fish
  • Barracuda fish
  • Stingrays
  • Amberjack fish

How to catch sharks using bait?

To catch as sharks with bait without any injuries or keep the alive, following steps must be followed:

1: First catch a bait – any of the living fish to attract a shark.

2: Use a fresh bait and fix it with a hook or net.

3:  Drop the net near the school of fishes to catch them.

4:  If the fish is trapped in the net then pull it out.

5:  Put the fish in the bucket and keep it alive.

6:  Use the chunks of other fish to catch more fish.

In the end, you have both – a bait and a shark! Bravo!

Final thoughts

Catching a fish is not any easy task to be performed, it requires expertise, patience and most importantly your time. You can catch a shark by choosing the best bait so that it quickly lure the sharks. Usually sharks are attracted towards the fresh bait because it contains large amounts of oil and blood – the juicy meat piece! A bait can be any of the chunks of small fishes! Rather than sharks, catching a bait is more interesting and easy because small fishes are clutch more effortlessly than the giant sharks! Whether you catch a bait or use a bait to catch a shark –  it’s all up to you!

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